In Sydney: Taronga Zoo

It was Christmas day 2008 and we woke up in a hotel room and it felt really damn weird. The sun had finally decided to show up and was scorching. My family were wondering what we would do on Christmas day away from home so I chimed in, I wanted to go to Taronga Zoo. I like zoos, I know the stuff people have against them and I understand but I still love learning about animals.

The ferry trip over was fun, when we docked we could see the sky safari. I love cable cars, any opportunity to go on one I will take it! The ride is included in the ticket price.PhoebeGill081224125-2

Inside the entrance are the Koalas. They sleep a lot. There are opportunities to hold them for a small fee. I do hear they smell though. PhoebeGill081225310-3

There are lots of creatures in the park, when you are on the walkways don’t forget to look over the fence because thats where I saw this beautiful crane! PhoebeGill081225319-4

It’s is an amazing zoo for interactions. There are 5 animals you can visit and experience, each for an extra fee. There is a really cool (free) Kangaroo and Wallaby walk through where you are just wandering with these adorable (yet terrifying) marsupials. Wallabies were just there at my feet, I wanted to pet them but I didn’t, which I regret. PhoebeGill081225349-5

There are some amazing birds around the zoo. Definitely keep your eyes peeled, I spotted this amazing Purple Crowned Pigeon.  PhoebeGill081225372-6 More free things in the zoo are the zoo talks and demonstrations. I went to the bird show, the arena area looks over to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, really really nice. There were birds of pray and other exotic birds. The show is only 15 minutes long but it was really engaging and interesting.

Although the zoo is quite expensive, it’s about €20 for an adult but there is loads to see and experience. I would definitely go back because there is so much more to see! Have you been to Taronga? Let me know your experience!

Happy Travels!

In Ireland: New Arrival at Dublin Zoo

Very exciting news that a new elephant calf was born in Dublin Zoo on the 17th of July 2014. It was so lovely to see the herd protect and huddle around the 5 day old new born.


 I got an annual pass to the zoo so I will be doing more posts on the zoo as an attraction itself but this is a lovely moment to share.

Dublin Zoo has really come on since I was a child and I am more than happy to support it. It is a great space to gain knowledge and to learn about some of the most awe inspiring creatures this planet possesses.

In Berlin: Zoo Aquarium Berlin

Firstly can I just say that the website is the most confusing page I have ever visited, they don’t give you a lot of information and generally made me a little frustrated.

 I went to the Aquarium first, I love aquariums, they are so peaceful and fish are amazing!

 It was 15 euro for me, as a student, to get in to both the aquarium and the zoo.

The Aquarium:pmgill_20121117_0002

 The ground floor of the Aquarium is where all the fish are, they have some amazing creatures, they have some of my favourites like, sea horses, black tipped sharks, jelly fish, rays, beautiful coloured fish. pmgill_20121117_0001The second floor is for the Reptiles, oh how I love reptiles, they have some amazing creatures, my favourite was the Rhinoceros Iguana, they are amazing! They also have chameleons  loads of snakes and other lizards. The third and final floor was the floor with the amphibians, there were lots of poison frogs and toads and there was an amazing Giant Chinese Salamander, which was just awesome!pmgill_20121117_0003

 I really really recommend the Aquarium and I recently found out I missed some of the aquarium which means I need to go back!

The Zoo:

It was freezing out so most of the animals were indoors and I read reviews of the zoo and people were quite upset of the enclosures that the animals lived in, I understand because the enclosures are not the best I have seen, they are a bit sparse and look like what you would find in a very old fashioned zoo. I think they are trying to be a bit better but it is still a little upsetting at times.pmgill_20121117_0001

They have some amazing animals though, they have brown bears, pandas and something that was really cool to me was the armadillo! I had never seen one but it was so amazing!

 Over all the zoo is a little difficult to get around, it’s so big and there is so much to see that it’s easy to miss stuff. There is also very little information, there is tiny little signs to the side of the enclosures but they are too small for the amount of people that go by, I would like to see bigger signs after all these should be educational places and I want accessible information.pmgill_20121117_0002

 Also don’t really go in winter, as it is so cold and was foggy when I was there. I think I would go back in summer or spring because it would be much better to see the animals.

 All in all I think there are some great animals in this zoo, some enclosures did make me a little sad but it was still a great few hours!

Happy Travels!