In Kyoto: The Golden Temple

Kinkaku-ji, The Golden Temple. A beautiful structure gilded to the nines that can pull a crowd from all over the world. This beautiful site has seen a bit of turmoil in it’s day as everything around the pavilion was burnt down in the 1400s after the Onin war. Later in the 1950s, a monk burnt the pavilion to its bones. Today it is fully restored, beautifully kept and rightly so, a world heritage site. compressedphoebegill161025016It has a little bit of an Ikea vibe to it, by no means does it have meetballs and a desk you assemble yourself but it has a route and you are ushered on through. It is such a stunning area, the whole scene is perfectly manicured. I thought it would be like Plitvice National Park, where you could walk around and then come upon the gloriously gold building but unfortunately it’s not.  compressedPhoebeGill161025033.jpgI visited the area at 11am and there was already quite the queue forming. It only costs 400 yen to enter the site, so its pretty cheap. The gardens around the pavilion are beautiful, there are traditional buildings scattered around the area too and at the end of the walk there is food and stalls with trinkets.  compressedphoebegill161025059I think you have to go see it if you are in Kyoto but don’t expect it to be quiet or a place for a walk because it’s not that kind of place. So put it on the list of places to go!

Happy Travels!