In Iceland: The Golden Circle in Summer

While in Reykjavik I decided I want to go on the Golden Circle tour again. I already went on this tour in January but I didn’t want to go to the church or the geothermal plant. I found that the last two were just unnecessary. I went into the Grey Line sales offices located at Hafnarstræti and asked if there were any tours that just offer the main attractions of the Golden Circle. This tour only goes to the main three locations and lasts about 5 and a half hours. First stop…

Þingvellir National Park

PhoebeGill150814218I once again feel like I didn’t spend enough time here. We only got half an hour and it’s just not enough time! It’s not all doom and gloom though. I loved seeing Þingvellir in colour. Seeing a vast open landscape covered in snow is beautiful but there was no definition in the vista making it hard to really get a sense of it.  PhoebeGill150814261I loved seeing the definition in the rocks and the fissures. I will one day walk through and find that waterfall that I keep seeing images of but for now I am happy I got to see this amazing National Park in all it’s green glory. PhoebeGill150814574


PhoebeGill150818001I could stand at this location for days. I find this natural wonder fantastic. I don’t think it matters if this location is covered in snow or none at all, it is just amazing. What I did find is that you could get more definition in your photographs because the background isn’t blending with the sky. Regardless of season it is a wonderful location! PhoebeGill150814675


PhoebeGill150814162Last time I was at Gullfoss was just incredible I didn’t really think it could get any better but oh wait it’s Iceland, it can always get better! The water in January was colder and frozen. The only way I can describe how I saw it in January was that it was elegant and composed because of this. This time it was roaring.PhoebeGill150814378In January the walk down to the look out was closed so I was very very happy to go down and look down the crevice. Since the water was in full force, the spray coming off the waterfall was just epic. It is such a beautiful area and is amazing in any weather but seeing it’s power up close is just incredible!

The Drive

PhoebeGill150814529Driving this in January it was amazing but very difficult to see any definition in the landscape. The sky and the earth blended together but it was still beautiful. I didn’t even think that the surrounding area when I chose to do this tour again but it is just amazing! These mountains are so so beautiful! There is gorgeous scenery along this entire drive. PhoebeGill150814615It costs €57 and because it was a late afternoon tour we were on a small bus and we had the whole back row to ourselves. We also got brought to our apartment when the tour was over.  This tour doesn’t feel like five hours long because there is so much to see and your tour guide is talking the entire time. We got to spend 30 minutes in Þingvellir, 30 minutes at Strokkur and an hour at Gullfoss. Not a lot of time but I definitely think it is worth it. It’s really informative and such an amazing route. I am so happy that I got to do the Golden Circle again.

Happy Travels!

In Iceland: Geysir and Strokkur

Driving down the road towards Geysir is so exciting because you can see the billowing smoke from the ground from where Strokkur erupted. I really enjoyed this part of the trip, I thought it was amazing to see such a force of nature and how close you can get to it! I was there at sunset and the light was stunning.PhoebeGill150110334

There is a hotel and visitors centre opposite the site. There is a shop, cafe and toilets in there so no need to worry. The site is free and on the road so really accessible! Be careful in January because the paths and the area where to stand can be very slippery.

Geysir is the largest pool in the site and it is said that it is the reason why all other geysers are named so. It is dormant now but it would have reached heights of 70 meters.


Strokkur is now the main event. The wait for Strokkur to erupt is amazing, the pool swells and shrinks as pressure builds and when it turns the beautiful aquamarine colour and forms a bubble, it is about to erupt. It reaches 30 meters in height and the spectacle is amazing. Watching boiling hot water shoot from the ground is just a fantastic natural wonder. PhoebeGill150110387I highly recommend going to Geysir, it is amazing, I have read trip advisor reviews that it isn’t that impressive and that there are bigger in the US or New Zealand and that may be the case but I think it’s a waste of time to compare them.

I also heard a lot of people tsk and sigh because it takes a while to start churning again, looking impatiently through their camera screens. If I had had more time I would of pulled up a camping chair and waited, looking with my eyes and  actually taking it in.

My advice is to stop and take in a force of nature that is wonderful and powerful and irregardless of size, it is a must see.

Happy Travels!