In Stockholm: Top Things to do in Djurgården

I love Stockholm, the Old Town is gorgeous, the water is beautiful, the walks you can do are so pretty but there is one place that I was drawn to every day. Djurgården is one of the islands that make up Stockholm and it is beyond beautiful! With loads of museums you can visit and a huge park and fun fair, it is the perfect spot for any visitor. phoebegill160716249First stop has to be the bridge onto the island, with statures of Thor and beautiful views of Stockholm, start there are take a few snaps before walking through these blue gates to the park. A lovely space with ample places to sit and have a picnic. It is the perfect location for a Sunday stroll.phoebegill160716315


Skansen is an open air living museum, it has a cast, animals and historical buildings to showcase Sweden though the ages, from farming techniques to how Swedish people lived. It’s situated within the park, it has a funicular, I love funicular railways. Such simple things but they are so much fun. phoebegill160716489There is a market with stalls selling food and crafts. It’s a really interesting concept for a museum and it is well worth a look around. Just be aware there are animals in this park so would be considered a zoo, I know many people are against them so just be aware. Admission to Skansen if different at certain times of the year so check out prices herephoebegill160716581

Vasa Museum

Tbex can get really amazing access for their parties and the Stockholm Tbex was no different. Three of the most amazing museums we could just walk into. I just went to one and it was incredible. I saw the queue for the Vasa museum during the day and it was so busy it wrapped around onto the street. I decided to go during the party to see it as there would be considerably less people. phoebegill160715350The building houses a ship that sank in the 16oo’s and was recovered in 1961. It is an impressive artifact that is so well preserved. It is 98% original pieces which is just incredible. I was entirely in awe of the size of it. Definitely go and see this beautiful find, it is just wonderful! It’s free entry with the Stockholm Pass or SEK130 (€13).

Nordiska Museum

I didn’t get to go into the Nordiska but it is a collection of pieces from the 16th century onwards all showcasing Sweden and Swedish people. If you love history I’d go and see it because the Swedes have had an very interesting history. Entry is SEK100 (€10) but with the Stockholm Pass it is free. phoebegill160716254

Flickorna Helin Voltaire Cafe

I wasn’t in the mood for a hot dog or a sit down meal so I went for a wander and found this Hansel and Gretel house looking building. A cafe with cake. That’s all I wanted to hear. I chose some nutty, sugary tart and a coffee. phoebegill160716445There was the option to sit on a terrace and as it was the height of summer it was lovely to sit outside with the birds and take in a bit of sun. Although watch out there is a vicious looking seagull. phoebegill160716479

Abba Museum

Knowing me, knowing you, you’ll want to visit the ABBA museum. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself, there is way too much fun in song puns. There is an incredible documentary piece as you walk in that gets you in the mood to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about them.  phoebegill160715053-1What I really loved about this museum is that there is so much visitor participation, you can go into a recording booth and sing ABBA songs, you can have a dance, you can make a music video. It’s pretty magical! You can get money off your ticket if you have a Stockholm Pass and I have to say that entry into this museum is very expensive, for a normal Adult ticket is it SEK195 (€20)


I love aquariums, they are so peaceful. This one is tiny, I mean you could go through it in about 5 minutes. So take your time if you do go. This aquarium had a horseshoe crab which is quite rare to see. These magical creatures are millions of years old, they were roaming around back in the day, it’s pretty amazing. phoebegill160715112They have lots more aquatic animals if you are interested. It will cost you SEK100 (€10) which is very expensive for what it is but I like fish. phoebegill160715107

Gröna Lund

Last but not least, Gröna Lund, the fun fair. With rides and restaurants you can spend a large amount of time having a lot of fun. There is an admission fee and a ride fee, to see full details see here for prices.phoebegill160716454-1

Djurgården is an gorgeous area that is a must if you visit Stockholm. I had such a lovely time exploring the area and enjoying the sun. If you are visiting in July it is best to come armed with a picnic and friends.

Happy Travels!

In Stockholm: The Sky View

I love a good view, I will climb really tiny towers (Oh get ready there is a blog post coming, eventually) and I will happily pay in to look out at a city many times over.  Whenever I am somewhere new I have to see it from a height so I was looking for a place in Stockholm and since going for a decent enough walk with an injury wasn’t very feasible I chose The Sky View.  PhoebeGill160716713Normal entry into The Sky View is SEK150 (€15) but with The Stockholm Pass it is free before 12pm and after that costs SEK30 (€3) To be honest if I paid €15 I would be a little hard done by because the Sky View globe is located outside of the main area of Stockholm, it is near the stadiums, concert halls and a shopping mall. It has the feel of being in a more residential area and away from the main areas your average tourist would explore. PhoebeGill160716416That’s not to say that the 20 minute trip isn’t worth a look see I would just try and get the discount ticket and see it for free or for cheap. It’s always fun to ride in a gondola, I really love the mechanics  of these things. There are two pods that ride up to the top of the globe. It would be really cool if the tracks did the 180 degrees of the globe but it just goes up to the top and then back down the same way. PhoebeGill160716656Seeing all of Stockholm is beautiful, it’s green and looks like there are lots of pretty places to visit. Once you get to the top you can see a tiny bit of the coastline and it looks gorgeous. Although it’s a bit outside the main city, the T-Bana station is really close by so it’s very easy to get to. I just wish there was a tower in the centre of Stockholm because the city is so beautiful!PhoebeGill160716023I recommend it but would I go again? Probably not. I enjoyed the view and it was fun to be in a pod gliding up the side of a building but it’s not exactly what I was looking for so I was a little disappointed.

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In Stockholm: The T-Bana

The metro in Stockholm is a great service that is really easy to navigate. I will be honest, after I got off the flight I tried to get the overground train which would have got me to rural Sweden instead of the city centre. I went to one of the very lovely station workers and had to get pointed in the direction of the metro. Once you get pointed in the right direction it is really easy to get around! I have done a post on whats the best things to buy to get around Stockholm, check it out here.

Along the central line you can find gorgeous artworks in the tbana stations. Here are just a few!

Solna Centrumphoebegill160716247phoebegill160716623



In Stockholm: Getting Around The City

So getting around Stockholm is really very easy. Here are the ways I got around Stockholm from the Airport to going to random stops on the tbana.


Arlanda airport to the City Centre

So there is the Arlanda Express which gets you into the city in 20 minutes at the last minute cost of SEK 540/€56, *Note if you book early enough in advance you can get a big discount of the Arlanda Express check it out here. The Arlanda Express is twice as expensive as a slower cheaper train that takes 40 minutes and there is also a bus that will take you to the city centre. I took the Arlanda express because although it was really expensive, I was dealing with an injury and I wanted to get into Stockholm as quickly as possible.

Getting Around the City

One thing I like to know is what’s the best tickets to get when I go to a city so I can travel as easily and as cost effectively as possible! Here are the three that I used to get around Stockholm.

phoebegill161005001As I got off the Arlanda Express at Central Station I went to the information desk to ask what’s the best card to get for the metro. The guy gave me this card allows you access to anywhere in the SL network, metros, trams etc. This access card is like the Leap card in Ireland or Oyster card in London and wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but was a great addition to what I actually wanted that I found in my TBex goodie bag. The card costs SEK 20 and then you add how many journeys you want on the card. phoebegill161005004This travelcard is what I actually wanted. I was in Stockholm for 4 days so I liked that I had the back up of the access card but this kind of travelcard was perfect. You can get a 24 hour ticket (115 SEK/€12), a 72 hour ticket (SEK 230/€23) or a 7 day ticket on you Access card (SEK 300/€31). Read more information here. phoebegill161005006Lastly I want to talk about the Stockholm Pass. I got this for free in my TBex goodie bag and I have to say I used it a lot, see that damage? The man who drove the tour bus asked me what did I do to it I used it so much. This card gets you two days of unlimited hop on hop off bus and boat tours.  Discounted and free in to attractions and  points of interest. For a full list check it out here. I actually got three days out of this pass because I was cheeky but they do scan your ticket at attractions so be smart about how you use it. The Stockholm Pass costs SEK 975 (€101) which is expensive but if you use this pass properly and organise yourself so you get free in to most or all of the museums you want and get the bus and boat tours everywhere you need, you can really save a lot of money. phoebegill161005007I did get these two last tickets for free but I used them and got a lot out of them. I really recommend them. Stockholm is really expensive but I loved every minute of my trip because of how easy it was to navigate and I didn’t have to worry if I had enough money on the cards because they were both unlimited.

If you have any questions please leave them below!

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In Stockholm: Gamla Stan, Old Town

There is something so wonderful when you can explore the old areas of a city, it can bring you back in time with the classic architecture, small streets and gorgeous squares. Gamla Stan has to be one of my favourites! phoebegill160714149This beautiful area is crammed full of cafe’s, bars, restaurants, cute quirky shops and so many tourist shops for all you fridge magnet and Swedish tat needs! Wandering around this busy little area, exploring the beautiful golden streets is so so lovely! phoebegill160714190I didn’t know what was around the next corner and that was really nice, I just walked around and then I stumbled upon this charming little square, Stortorget. I sat down outside the Nobel Museum and just took a minute. So many people coming in and out of the square, sitting having a drink or eating outside. It is such a beautiful place to watch the sun leave the square and take a rest after a day of walking around Stockholm.phoebegill160714663Skirting the outside of Gamla Stan is the parliament buildings and the Royal Palace where you can find the Royal Jewels, well worth a visit to admire the sparkly diamonds. This area is steeped in history and there is so much to see! I want to be back strolling around in the warmth of the evening watching the sun set.

There was lots more I could have done in this area but in all honesty I needed an excuse to come back, I really want to see Stockholm in Winter and a little less crowded. So until then.

Happy Travels!

In Stockholm: Kungsträdgården

Kungsträdgården is a really pretty park in central Stockholm. It’s a beautiful tree lined strip with seating, a pretty green areas and fountains. This is a busy area with couples, groups of friends, lots of dog walkers and is generally filled with mirth! PhoebeGill160714671Take note during the summer from April 23rd to August 31st there is a military foot parade that happens every day, they walk from the Army museum and will pass the Kungsträdgården at around 12pm. It’s similar to the changing of the guards in London. It is a great thing to see. In other months of the year it only happens on specific days so check before you go to Stockholm or just be surprised like I was.  PhoebeGill160714208There is a Tbana stop just beside this area and the tram lines are at the top of the park so it’s really easy to get to. It has lots of outdoor eating and cafes so it’s a perfect place to stop at. There is also a stage area where outdoor concerts are held in Summer and in Winter there is an ice rink.

You definitely have to check it out when you go to Stockholm. It was such a pretty area to relax and take in the sunshine!

Happy Travels!