In Sterling: The Wallace Monument.

If you go to sterling you have to go to Wallace’s Tower. It was one of the best things I did on my  second trip to Scotland. It is really really amazing! There is a little shuttle bus that runs frequently or you can walk up the hill to the tower.pmgill_20120601_0100

There are a few steps up to the top of the tower, 246 steps to be exact! Now there are a few floors in the tower so you can take a break and catch your breath. Keep in mind that the stair case is tiny and you should be courteous and if someone is coming up you should stop and wait for them to pass as you don’t want some one falling down a never ending staircase! The view from the top is absolutely breathtaking!pmgill_20120601_0145

The different floors have a load of information of Sir William Wallace and Sterling. It’s worth a look. This place is gorgeous, I recommend it in summer because of the beautiful view and also the walk back down is lovely when all of the flowers are in bloom and the sun is out.pmgill_20120601_0004

It is a definite must on things to do! I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Happy Travels!

In Sterling: Sterling Castle

Sterling Castle is a great way to get the history of Sterling, I recommend you definitely take the free guided tour that starts every hour from 10 am, which we were just in time for! We had the tour guide Frank a lovely man who has the thickest accent I have ever heard! Its a great tour and a really informative way to learn about sterling and the castle.


The view from here is incredible you can see the whole of Sterling and it’s so beautiful and green!


Statue of Robert the Bruce.


The castle rooms are covered in unicorns! Which I love because it’s so majestic and mystical!


Sorry for the lack of building shots, wasn’t thinking about this being a blog post. But they are gorgeous both on the inside and out. All of the rooms are decorated in tapestries, gold detail and of course unicorns! I really urge you to go here it’s really beautiful!

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In Sterling: Overall.

Sterling is 36 miles from Edinburgh or 26 miles from Glasgow, just in case you are coming from either. We drove there and it only took about an hour so it’s really accessible and let me tell you that it is amazing! It is so beautiful, this medieval town is very hilly though so you may not want to be taking your grandmother to see the sights, if you are quite lazy like I am I would advise some sort of bus or car.

The town is still got a lot of the original buildings, they are beautiful! So picturesque!

I really recommend that you go to Sterling if you can! There will be two more posts about Sterling and what you have to do when you are there, so keep an eye out!

Happy Travels!


 Sneak Peak, this is a view of sterling from a very important historical place to Sterling.