Goals for 2016

So I didn’t complete any of the goals I made last year but to be honest it doesn’t really matter. I completed 5 things off my bucket list last year which I love and I am already planning on so many more things for this year. So here are my goals for 2016.

Keep my job.

I really want to keep my job, I want to help more and work harder. It’s an amazing opportunity and I don’t want to waste a minute.

Do something new every month.

So I think this is pretty attainable and I already have two adventures planned. I cannot wait to share them with you. There is so much of Ireland I haven’t seen so I am very excited to see more of my own country!

Complete a pretentious monthly scrapbook.

This is where you vlog your month and make it into a video. I failed last year because I got really down during the year but I am determined to make it this year. I’m also determined to not give a crap talking to a camera in public.

Read 20 books, no really this time.

I put this on my list last year and I completely failed but I got so many books to go through and books I have borrowed so I need to read them and give them back!

Meet new people.

During the really difficult times this year I looked around and didn’t really have anyone to turn to (who was close to me) although I have people moving back, closer to me, yay, I think meeting new people is really really important, especially since I don’t work with people own age.

Keep going.

I have a habit of stopping when things get difficult or when I’m not perfect at something and that is the worst thing you could do so I want to keep going. Even if what I’m doing isn’t earth shatteringly good doesn’t mean I don’t have the potential to make great things.


I hope this goals stops rolling over every year and I am able to do it soon!

What do you have planned for your year? What are your goals?

Happy Travels!


Ok so as it is the first post I think I should start out by telling you what I want from 2013.

  • I want to live a bit more – I feel like I am not experiencing enough.
  • I want to continue being organized – college gets very stressful if I’m not.
  • I want to do more exercise – it’s my 21st this year and I want to feel and look my best.
  • Travel more – I want to see more of my little Island.
  • I want to get better at my job – I am a photographer and I need to get better, a lot better.
  • I just want to be a better version of me – I am pretty great but there is always room for improvement.
  • Want to do more for my mum – she works so hard and I want to help.
  • I want to be nicer to myself – I don’t give myself enough credit and I only have me so I want to love myself.
  • Keep smiling! – I try to be happy all of the time so I have to remember to keep my head up and keep going.

So that’s it, very simple things but hard to keep them going. I am really going to try. I want my twenties to be the best years so let’s go! New year, new blog!