In Life: I Got A Puppy

Sorry for the lack of blog posts but I have a good reason; it’s story time!

I lost my last dog six months ago and ever since then there has been something missing from my family, we all felt it. Myself and my mother started looking for dogs maybe a couple of months ago but there were no Labrador puppies or any puppies available in Ireland from a responsible breeder. Our last two dogs had been from responsible breeders and they were great dogs so that’s the avenue we went down first.

Around the start of February there was a news story that would change our outlook on how we looked for a dog. There was a new story about 116 puppies that had been seized at Dublin port that were on their way to England to be sold. When my mother saw the article she said she wanted one of the beagle puppies. We were all in agreement that a beagle would be a great dog for us, they are intelligent, cheeky and great for people who run and hike.

There was a problem, the puppies couldn’t be adopted because of the investigation, we didn’t know when they would be available so we started to look at other dogs in the DSPCA in the hope of a puppy. We took a couple of trips up and one Sunday morning…we found this little girl. She was one of the 116 puppies! We got to rescue her within 4 days and she is perfect!DSC_2714 copyThis is Tiffin (like the biscuit cake) she is a 15 week old Beagle pup and I love her. She is boisterous and mischievous! She is really smart and really well behaved for a puppy! She knows that she has to sit down to get back inside and she has just learnt lie down.DSC_2666 copyShe loves outside! She loves to explore and find sticks, nibble on plants and dig in the dirt (yes I am correcting all of these things) I can’t wait to bring her to the park! That’s this weeks adventure! DSC_2680 copyShe has the most beautiful face! Her big ears are just adorable. I love that she runs to me when I hunker down. That she curls up in my lap and snuggles. That she has already mastered her crate. She is wonderful. She has also learned how to get up on the kitchen table, which is so bold but I can’t help but laugh (but I am correcting her, I know it’s bad) DSC_2729 copyI love that this little girl is in my life. I am so excited for her to be my adventure buddy. If anyone wants a post on my experience rescuing from the DSPCA let me know in the comments.

So Beans, welcome Tiffin!

Happy Travels!


In Life: Where To Next?

Hello my beans!

We were clearing out my grandparents place recently, throwing away the decades of items they had been collected and saved. They were the generation that didn’t throw anything away just incase. We threw away old school books and old toys, mattresses and baby cots and various other bits and bobs that no one would need because they are so old.

One thing that I just couldn’t part with was this globe. I have wanted a globe for the longest time, I always wanted to do that thing you saw in movies; where you would spin the globe and travel where ever your finger lands. The thing is I don’t really feel like I need to.
PhoebeGill150225003Most people ask me ‘What are you doing now?’ and I don’t really know what to say. I’m not really doing anything now but there is one thing I want to do in general, with absolute certainty and that is travel the world. I want to make people fall in love with this planet we live on, how incredible it is and try to improve the attitude some of us have towards it.

I have no idea how I am going to achieve any of this, I don’t know where to start but I will try. I know I will never stop travelling. I will never stop wondering what is around the next corner. It makes me so happy the earth is so big and there are so many cultures to learn from. The world excites me and I hope this blog makes you feel excited about it too.

I am already planning my next adventure. Are you? 

Happy Travels!

Almost home

Hello there, I have to say I have been thinking a lot about blogging over the past few days, I have missed it. I do have a lot to write up though so that should keep me busy!

I am almost home from Iceland, Icelandic Air had us delayed for over an hour and a half which meant my connecting flight was well gone by the time we touched down in London. Don’t think I will be doing two flights to Iceland ever again now that a connection to Ireland has been established!

I have so much going on in my head that I just need to get down and I have 1500+ images to edit. This makes me really happy. I think I already have a favourite image from my trip, can’t wait to share it all with you!

Have a picture of me in the snow outside Alafoss.

Happy Travels!Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 22.21.33

Having a Travel Fund

I officially have a travel fund set up. I wanted it in a separate account because I can online shop like a pro! I have always had a bit saved away just incase of emergencies but I wanted it somewhere more secure.

I can’t wait to save and when the time comes, explore a new place in the best way possible. There are so many places I want to travel. 2015 is going to a good one.

Happy Travels!

2014 According To My Instagram.

No year is all good or all bad there are a multitude of different ups and downs that we all go through and I am a big believer in remembering the bad so you can learn from it. Travel blogs can come across as the perfect life and the ultimate highlight reel and I don’t want my blog to be that. So I hope you don’t think it too personal but lets look back at 2014. Continue reading “2014 According To My Instagram.”