In Jordan: Wadi Rum

I have been incredibly fortunate to be able to travel to some amazing places in my lifetime. My father always said that he wanted to give his children two things; education and travel. Now education was not as easy for me to love as the latter. Travel is something that I will be eternally grateful to my father for giving me. It has truly made my life richer and so much more exciting.

I went to Jordan in January 2007 at this time there was very little built for tourism, I shudder to think what it is like now that people have found this gem of a destination. I hope it is still as wonderful. Now I am writing this post with a slight sadness because back then I did not know how to back up images or store images so they would last so this is the only picture I have of my trip to beautiful Jordan.pmgill_20070108_0001-1

This is the Wadi Rum desert. We travelled in amazing old rickety open backed jeeps, bombing along terracotta coloured sand and it was so much fun!

The desert is an amazing place. We stopped at what you would expect from a tourist attraction, a tent in the middle of nowhere with a very kind man serving delicious tea. Then on to look at the incredible rock formations. We stopped so we could take pictures or ask questions to the guide but me and my family went over to some easily climbable rocks. We sat up there for a while and just listened. There is something so wonderful about not hearing anything. It was pure silence and it is something I will never forget.

When it got dark we were going to have dinner in the desert. We drove up to this big white tent that would serve multiple tours at once. There was a demonstration on how they cook the meat. A hole in the ground that they chicken was let cook away for hours. It was incredibly delicious!

Oh by the way, the food in Jordan (and really anywhere in the middle east) is fantastic! I recommend you try it all and learn how amazing this cooking really is!

I just remember this trip so fondly. We also went to Petra which was also incredible, if I could go to somewhere tomorrow it would be there. It was also where I had one of my favourite meals I think I have ever eaten but alas I have no photos to show you of these amazing historical and archaeological sites.

I hope Jordan has not been too consumed with the money aspect and it is still such a wonderful experience. I hope to travel to there again one day because it is truly a beautiful place. For now though, I can look at this one image that truly makes me remember how amazing that trip was!

Happy Travels!