In Iceland: Reykjavik in August

Last time I was in Reykjavik I didn’t walk around much, there was ice on the paths and it was freezing, I also had a car so I was driving everywhere like a lazy person but this time I walked most places. I stayed in this apartment just outside the city centre right next to Hlemmur station. I definitely recommend this apartment if you want to use the bus system a lot.

The Sun Voyager

PhoebeGill150814015The Sun Voyager statue was really close to the apartment and because the first day of my trip was gloomy and low clouds I couldn’t see Mt. Esja so when the cloud lifted it was the first thing to go and see. I love Mt. Esja and I will one day hike up it.


PhoebeGill150814076Harpa is a really cool building, the glass panels shimmer blue and purple. It was nice to walk closer to it this time.


PhoebeGill150814439Going to this church is always nice to get a view of the city. Looking down one of the main streets, seeing all the colourful houses, last time I was here the snow was covering most of the city it was great to see it in full colour.

PhoebeGill150814543Grótta Lighthouse


I took the bus to Seltjarnarnes to see Grótta Lighthouse. Strætó buses are really really easy to understand and use. All the information you need can be found here. I definitely recommend you download the app. Although you can’t buy tickets you can plan your journey and figure out when a bus is coming. It’s such a nice area for a walk and to see a more residential side of Reykjavik. Definitely recommend you go!  PhoebeGill150815087Reykjavik in August is still quite touristy but around the end of august is the time when a lot of the tourists go home for school or college. The weather is cooler at 11-14 degrees but I was walking around with a hoodie on. In January everyone was bundled up and you couldn’t get a sense of what Icelandic people even looked like. It was nice to see their style and faces this time.

Although seeing Reykjavik in snow is amazing and magical, travelling in August gives you a better sense of the city. So if that is important to you August is great but I recommend both times of year!

Happy Travels!


In Edinburgh: At Winter Time

I have been to Edinburgh twice now and I plan on going again this year on a little solo trip. In 2010 I went just before christmas with a group of college friends and it was a great weekend.pmgill_20091220_0017This was the year of the big freeze so there were delays and cancellations because of snow. I was frantically checking the weather and the airport websites to see how our flight was doing and for some strange turn of fate we got out with no problems at all. There is something so amazing about a white blanket of snow covering a city. We got into the city centre where we were staying and the smell of the brewery filled the air. This smell is quite strange if you are not used to it but it grows on you.


These images are taken from the Camera Obscura beside Edinburgh castle. It is the perfect place to get panoramic shots of the city. It is also such a good tourist attraction! 

Edinburgh is a fantastic city, I have a lot of great memories of this place and I am excited to go back. It is a perfect weekend getaway spot. I really recommend going in winter, the christmas markets are great, the place is beautiful and festive and it will most likely snow, it is just magical.

Happy Travels! pmgill_20091220_0021