In Life: My Experience with the DSPCA

As I have mentioned before we got our dogs from responsible breeders, now I know people have very strong feelings about this but that was what we did and we got fantastic Labradors out of  it. When Honey, my lab, got epilepsy and at the age of 11 had chronic cancer in her liver and spleen I knew it was from her over breeding. It greatly changed my opinion on getting a dog from the popular breeds list.

I have had very little contact with the DSPCA before but after Honey died I went up to donate food and toys and I had a look around. For the next six months I would think about all the dogs in the pound and I would scour the website to see what dogs were on offer. The DSPCA is located in Rathfarnham, Co. Dublin. Not far away from me at all. When I brought up the rest of my family I knew rescuing was the best way forward and I was thrilled when we found Tiffin.

So, how was my experience?

Short answer: Very good.

Sunday: I saw Tiffin on the Sunday, I put my name down for her that day and arranged for my family to see her on that day to speed up the process. All members of a home must see the dog before you take a dog home.

Wednesday: Next was a home check, these are carried out on Tuesday and Wednesday, that Tuesday was Paddy’s day so no home check available so Wednesday rolled around and a nice man called to our home to check there was a walled garden and to talk about our dog and what would be best for her. The inspection was quick and we were good to go.

Thursday: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are the days of adoption, you are only allowed to adopt at 3:30 sharp on those days! Don’t be late to this, it slows the whole process down.

There were 8 of us adopting puppies so they brought us into their lecture room and two lovely women talked us through our dogs, each adopters had their own pack with individual information about their dog. There was all the relevant paperwork that you will need for your dog. The price of the adoption includes neutering, which is fantastic! It also includes a free health check and 6 weeks insurance.

I was really surprised at the amount of detail and care involved. The information pack was filled with information about what they do and also information for you and your dog.

Here are some links for further information:

  1. Here are the ways you can support the DSPCA other than adopting an animal. 
  2. Here are all the animals you can adopt.
  3. Their facebook page.
  4. Here is how you can donate to the DSPCA.

Some things to remember:

  1. The team are very busy, keep that in mind, I know you are excited but they have a lot to do.
  2. The phone may not be the best way to contact them, talking in person is the best way to get an animal.
  3. Research the breed you are interested in, know what you are getting into.
  4. Don’t get a dog because it’s cute or cuddly or ‘cool’. Just no.
  5. Always neuter! They will do this before any dog or cat goes to a new home BUT if you get a puppy or kitten, go back on your designated day and neuter your animal!
  6. Taking home an animal from a shelter can be an adjustment, they have learnt habits that may not be acceptable in your home but be patient and reward the good, do not go straight to punishment, they wont understand.
  7. Give your animal lots and lots of love, their lives didn’t get the best start, think of that when you look at them, that their life now should be the most amazing, fun filled experience from now on.

My experience with the DSPCA was great, they went into great detail, there was so much information, they provide so many services like day care and training classes. They were kind and helpful. If you ever wanted to rescue I would definitely look into getting an animal from the DSPCA!

Happy Travels!