In a very last minute decision I decided to go to the first ever BloggerConf event. Held in the very pretty Marker Hotel in Grand Canal Square on a very cold Sunday, bloggers gathered together to listen and engage in every aspect of the blogging world.

One thing that I thought was fantastic, was that the conference was very inclusive. It wasn’t just the big bloggers or all beauty bloggers, it was lots of different people of all ages coming together to share their stories. Although I think there was a lack of travel bloggers, to be fair I just want a room of us all together sharing stories and showing off our photos from our travels, it was a great event!

Each speaker brought something different to the table. Joan Mulvihill, the CEO Irish Internet Association, gave a really important talk emphasising  that we need to be responsible when making online content, this is something that I think is crucial when making any blog posts, Youtube videos, tweets, Instagrams, all of them. Not to say you can’t speak your mind or you have to completely sensor yourself but it is the way in which you communicate, the way in which you use the internet is very important, especially if you have an audience.

Samantha Kelly, TweetingGoddess, spoke about the wonders of twitter and  how being kind online is really important. I completely agree, I have had multiple people online respect the fact that I don’t name call or get defensive in an online debate. Talking to people like you would if they were face to face is something that a lot of people forget about when they are behind a keyboard.

Simeon Quarrie is a wonderful speaker, he is funny and engaging. He talked about cameras, one of my favourite things, as a photographer they are essential, he gave loads of vlogging advise and camera kit recommendations.

Anouska Proetta Brandon gave a talk about her photography. I remember back when flickr was used, I saw her photography and that led me to her blog. She has an incredible eye for imagery and design. Her content is always high quality and consistent.

There were other panels and talks that gave lots of information and advice. I went to this conference because I really wanted to start upping my game in the blogging world and there was one thing that everyone said to do and that is ‘find you niche.’

I know that having a niche focuses the attention but to be honest, no one is one thing or another. We are all multifaceted with so many opinions and interests and if I want to talk about science or nature or food, I will because thats what I like, that’s what I am interested in and my blog is mine.

Perhaps one day I will have a niche but the BloggerConf made me realise that I don’t want to fill my blog with ads, I don’t want to make lots of money off this blog or my YouTube and I don’t really want to be a brand. What I want is for this blog, like when I started it, to document my time, for it to be a resource for travel and to maybe start a conversation with people from all around the globe.

I will definitely go to the next one and I will probably go to lots of other conferences in the future but right now there is no pressure to make this my carer or make money. My goal is to make useful content, get better at whatever I do, be it blogging, vlogging or general digital media and to meet like minded people.

The conference gave lots of really useful information and tips. It started great conversations and was incredibly interactive, also there was goodie bag so I definitely recommend going next year!

Have you been to a blogging or vlogging event? Do you recommend it? 

Happy Travels!