In Life: 3 Things I Hate About Travel

There are very few things I hate about travel, I am choosing to make travel a huge part of my life, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love it! While most people can’t abide selfie sticks, umbrellas or people who touch the top of the Eiffel Tower or try and prop up the Tower of Piza. I don’t care, personally selfie stick all you like as long as you don’t hit into anyone, umbrellas are smart, you can see them and the heat is only getting worse and personally those posed photos are almost like buying a magnet, it’s iconic and stupid but it’s not that big of a deal!

What I do hate is the following three things and if we are honest we are all guilty of one of these thing is the past but from now on, stop it!

PhoebeGill150918942Throwing coins in amazing bodies of water.

I think this was started with attractions like the Trevi Fountain but seriously just stop! Burke’s pot holes in South Africa,  geyser’s in Iceland, countless pond, rivers, puddles are filled with peoples money. I hate it. The coins get collected in fountains, they don’t get collected in natural wonders! Stop messing with it. I don’t know the science of what coins do to the water and I’m sure it’s not terrible but money is gross and filthy and it just grinds my gears. We have some amazing things on this earth and I think it’s great we can have access but don’t push it, when you tamper with nature, you are pushing it.

Petting animals that aren’t for petting.

I don’t care if it’s fluffy, I don’t care if it looks healthy, I don’t care that it would look great as an Instagram. Stop petting animals that you wouldn’t pet in the wild. Would you go to into the Indian jungle to go pet a tiger? So how about you don’t go to a place that has tigers chined up and beaten to have you pet it and take a picture with it. I have seen footage of what African and Asian elephants can do and you want to pet one or step on its back? I have had two bird animal experiences and I feel guilty about them all the time, I have had the chance to go to other sanctuaries and I haven’t taken them. I am guilty of this and I need to act way more responsibly because I don’t think I actually learned anything from both of my experiences. I appreciate and love the birds I encountered but am I using this knowledge? No. I should be, I should have learned from them and I haven’t. This bugs me!

PhoebeGill150915811People who get annoyed at fast airplane exit-ers.

This is my number one. Right, I have heard so many people complain about people who stand up and want to get off the plane quickly. The thing is though, we are trying to get you off the plane quicker too! (Also I hate being in a plane that isn’t moving, it makes my skin itch and I hate sitting beside people I don’t know) I bloody run through the airport when I am homeward bound because as much as I love travelling, I am going home, I am not chilling in the airport waiting for rush hour traffic or waiting for the parking fee to up the ridiculous amount. How is it bad that I want to free up space for you? How is affecting your day?  I am fast through security, are you mad about that too? No. I am helping the kids/humans who are cranky or need to pee because I gather my things and exit in a fast manner! So to you passengers who get so mad at people like me, hush, because maybe one day you have to use the bathroom or your child is going to explode in a rage you may be thankful for people who are quick!

 So they are the three things I hate about travel. I am sure I will have more very soon. What do you hate about travelling?

Happy Travels!

In Spain: Dalí Theatre and Museum

I had to take these images off Bebo (such a throwback) so the quality and selection I have isn’t the best but I can still remember like it was yesterday. It is where my love of his mind came to be.

Located in Figures, Gerona, Spain, Dalí’s hometown. The building is amazing, its crazy with so much detail. I would go back tomorrow! There is actually a big trip I want to do in this area. So maybe one day soon I will be showing you this area properly!

I definitely recommend you take a trip to see it, it is unique and so unlike most museums.

Happy Travels!

In Travel: Would You Rather


This blog has been a little quiet as of late so I spotted this post by A Modern Girls Travels and I thought it was a lot of fun. I think it will also show you a bit more about me. I will be back very soon with more adventures!

Q: Would you rather travel the world for free for life (hotels & airfare) or have $400,000 deposited into your bank account now?

A: Easy, travel the world for free. Accommodation and flights are so expensive for the plans I have so if they were taken care of it would be amazing! $400,000 is just money and the only things I want to buy would be a 4×4 and camera gear and I don’t actually need them!

Q: Be able to talk with the animals or speak all foreign languages?

A: This is so difficult because I do want to be Eliza Thornberry, like for real. I would love to talk to animals but I also would love to communicate with everyone all over the world. I think to live out a childhood dream I’d have to choose talk with animals.

Q: Would you rather be attacked by a shark or die by a tornado?

A: I’d rather be attacked by a shark, when I’m 90 and on my way out. This is actually how I want to kick it, not a day before! Sharks are amazing and if I was to leave the earth giving back would be ok by me but not before I’m 90!

Q: Never take the train or never take an airplane again?

A: Ha trains can go suck it. Even though I want to do some famous train rides I would rather rent a car and see the world that way rather than trains. Trains can’t get me to hawaii and small islands off indonesia, all I need are planes and boats!

Q: Would you rather visit the Oktoberfest in Munich or Carnival in Rio De Janeiro? 

A: Neither? Can I choose the Sakura festival in Japan?

Q: Take control of the airplane for five minutes (it’s on autopilot, but still…) OR take control of beverage service for the entire trip?

A: I don’t drink and I buy my water in the airport. Being in a cockpit would be an incredible experience. I have always wanted to look out the front window!

Q: Wake up without your wallet or wake up without your passport and phone?

A: Wallet. Since I am going to be solo travelling a lot more being with out money is an inconvenience but without my identity and the piece of tech that holds all of the travel info I need, I would be a wreck. If I was to be in an accident I’d rather be able to call for help. I lost my phone in Iceland and I was a mess!

Q: Be left behind in the bush on an African safari or Be left behind in the water on a scuba trip?

A: This is an interesting question. Do I risk getting hypothermia in the water or drowning, risk being bitten or stung? Or do I stay out in the bush, where animals will kill me in the dark or I might get sun stroke? This is a horrible question. I think I will go for the bush because at least on land I could walk and try and hone my Bear Grylls skills (which would probably be non existent!)

Q: Lose your luggage but land on time OR land 12 hours late with your luggage intact?

A: Lose my luggage, I can always buy more clothes. Plus the airline will pay for the replacement luggage. 12 hours late is horrible, that’s twelve hours less fun you could have!

Q: Visit every country in Europe of every state in the United States? 

A. Oooo well I’ve been to 15/46 countries in Europe but have only been to one state in the US. I would probably choose the US, there is a epic road trip I want to do. I want to see all of those weird roadside fruits and peanuts or a beagle! The US is mad so definitely all 52 states!

Q: Move every six months (including internationally) or live in the same place your entire life?

A: Hmm every 6 months would be really hard but I am not living in Ireland all my life. So 6 months. To understand the world, living in different parts of it would be amazing!

Q: Be able to teleport to places you’ve already been or only be able to teleport to places you’ve never been before? 

A: I think I have to choose places I’ve already been. There is so much I want to go back and see and if I could teleport quickly back to South Africa, Iceland or Australia it would be incredible!

Q: Would you rather go into the past and tell yourself to change one thing that’s happened or go into the future and see what your life ends up being like?

A: I’d like to see if I end up happy. Going back and telling my past self to do something wouldn’t do a thing. I am stubborn and stupid so I wouldn’t take my advice. Knowing if I end up happy would be important. If I wasn’t happy I could try and keep as positive and mentally healthy as possible.

So would you want to wake up without your wallet or wake up without your passport and phone? Let me know in the comments! 

Thanks so much for reading!

Happy Travels!

In Dublin: The Best Burger?

When I travel they are always the thing I’d choose, they are a safe option. Also my friends and I go for burgers quite a bit, when we were younger we’d go to Eddie Rockets, when you walk in the doors a layer of grease descends on you and you end up eating way too much and feeling like a ball going out the door, it’s the perfect way to destroy your healthy eating. When deciding where we’d go, we realised that we’d grown out of Eddie Rockets. It’s time to move on to better things.

The Counter

 To give you context this chain has restaurants all over the US, Australia, Malaysia and the Middle East. Oprah has said this is the best burger in America! So you know when O likes it, it’s good! Ireland has two restaurants, one in Dundrum and one on Suffolk street. The inside is nice and warm with nice decor. You can eat at the bar but there is not much room for big groups, it’s tables of two are four so if your panning a shin dig you may want to plan ahead. One thing to note is that there will be a queue to eat here and they don’t take your name but the wait time in my opinion was worth it!

They have menu items or you can build your own. Perfect for the fussy eater/children or vegans as they cater to vegans and vegetarians.! Lots of veggies for you and they have vegan cheese! As you can see from above, I went with a less green choice  and more of a give me crispy deliciousness. Also as a treat I chose a Bundaberg ginger beer (€3.25) , my favourite beverage, it was the perfect accompaniment to the burger.Now for the show stopper. The burger itself. It was delicious. The only thing that was missed is that you can choose how you want you burger and my dining party would rather a medium well rather than well, which I agree with. To cater to people like my father, who love a good burger but wants it to be pink in the middle they should have that option. The fries were so good and the sweet potato fries were crispy and moorish ! The crispy onion strings made the burger and the bacon was tasty and had little fat so it was just smoky and delectable!

The garlic sauce! If there is one thing that makes a meal it’s garlic. This garlic sauce is fantastic! It has enough for you to put lots on your burger and have enough for dipping.

So is it the best burger? Well it’s definitely the best one I have eaten in a long time! This meal cost my €14.40 which is an average price for a custom burger and it was close to perfect. I think it says a lot when there is a queue out the door continuously on a Friday night. So a tip would be to go early and be hungry.

I haven’t tried one of their shakes but Id also check them out, they have lots of flavours from simple to whacky.

So you looking for a place to eat tonight? Go with The Counter!

Happy Travels!

In Spain: Bilbao

I only spent a small amount of time in Bilbao but it was a really pretty city with lots of art. Bilbao was a small part of a northern Spanish road trip so here is a taste of what I saw.

Happy Travels!




PhoebeGill080618117-6 PhoebeGill080618120-2

In Travel: 5 Reasons Why I Hated Amsterdam

I have been to five continents, 22 countries and I have only hated one place.

This will surprise some but I hated Amsterdam. The list is endless but I will try sum up the things I didn’t like.

We decided to go to Amsterdam as a layover back from Greece. Greece is one of my favourites, I would happily go back tomorrow but Amsterdam, very different story.

Flying Ants.

It was the summer and just my luck it was the few days when flying ants were plaguing the streets. Imagine having breakfast by a canal, a typical Amsterdam experience, when suddenly you see the air moving and fluttering. I cannot stand them, they are stupid and get everywhere, even in my orange juice that morning, I felt like tearing my skin off and ruining my breakfast didn’t help. It was vile.

By Francisco Anzola (Amsterdam Canal) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


I don’t care if you want to get off your face, I will think you’re an idiot but I don’t really care. What I do mind, is seeing needles on the ground outside, seeing people off their heads in supermarkets and people starting fights in the street. It made me so uncomfortable. And no I wasn’t in the red light district for any of this, I was 15 and my father knows Amsterdam very well. He wouldn’t take his family to the sex district.


Why are they so close to the paths? Like do you realise people could step out to avoid another human and bam. Also that ding-ing really grates after a while.

By Ilonamay (Own work) CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Shut up with your bells, pedestrians need to cross the street too. I have always hated cyclists so a country celebrating bicycles isn’t really the country for me.

By Alfredo Borba (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


I can’t remember exactly what hotel we stayed at but it didn’t have any air conditioning. In the height of summer for your air conditioning to be broken isn’t ok. Me and my sister couldn’t sleep and decided to watch Monty Python, which was a lovely bonding moment but I’d rather the sleep.

Basically Amsterdam made me feel gross, angry, tired and so damn appreciative of my home. As we turned the corner in the taxi I started to quiet cry because it’s so nice having my home to go back to. Although the trip was a disaster it made me realise what I had.

It’s amazing what a bad hotel and bad atmosphere can do to your enjoyment of a city. I might go back one day but right now I have better places to go.

Happy Travels!