In Kerry: Best Driving Adventure

Kerry brings back memories of when I was small, when the drive used to take six hours and the rain would hammer down on the window and all I could see were my fathers eyes in the rear view mirror. It was always happy, always quiet, so much green. I tried to make friends with cows and definitely made friends with dogs and my mother gave me the worst fringe possible. I like those memories but the seem so long ago now.

So I decided I wanted to be back there, back in the memories, so I went. Here are some photos that I took on a two day driving adventure.

phoebegill160915052PhoebeGill160915038-2.jpgI walked around Dingle town in the evenings, I didn’t want to go to a pub so I just listened to music and walked around.

I walked up a street and a memory hit me. We’d just been in a pub and my mother, sister and I were going back to the house, when an old man stopped us and was speaking Irish to my mother. I was small so I wasn’t paying attention and messing with my sister, wondering when my mum would stop chatting so we could go. That’s it, one small snippet of a day. It’s now the most touristy bit of Dingle with more shamrocks than a field but it’s so nice to have a memory come back after over a decade of being away.phoebegill160916058I don’t have the memories of this place, just the photos. Somehow the photos make me feel like I remember being there but I don’t know if thats true. Photos are tricky like that.phoebegill160916226phoebegill160916260This is the first time in a long time I didn’t take just the touristy shots of a place. This is what I want to take more of. This feels better, this feels like it used to. I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane. Kerry is the perfect place to make memories so go and make them.

Happy Travels


In Kerry: Gap of Dunloe

Ah Kerry, one of my most favourite counties in Ireland, me and my family used to go down to Kerry when me and my sister were small. Dingle used to be our place but I haven’t been since and I am dying to go back but that is not possible right now. I have big plans coming soon.

The Gap of Dunloe is an iconic walk/drive in the south west of Ireland. It is not advised to drive though as the location has been taken over by horse and trap tours of the area. So be mindful of that before you get stuck behind a pony and cart for a good chunk of time. DSCN0575

I walked and ate my lunch during my time there and during summer it is glorious. It is a stunning location and I recommend it to everyone. There is an adjacent free car park, there is a cafe and public toilets so everything you could possibly need.


Kerry has some utterly stunning scenery and walks. The second peninsula of this county is a fantastic place to visit, I have visited Portmagee, Valentia Island and I have driven the ring of Kerry and it was such a wonderful trip.


More of this trip soon but for now,

Happy Travels!