In Berlin: My Experience Overall.

Now let me just say that I am going to go back. I spent two days and one night in Berlin and this is a city that needs lots of exploring! There is so much to see and do and I don’t think I even scratched the surface. I would go back twice, Once in Summer to go back to the zoo and to sit in the parks and have picnics and then at Christmas, I want to explore the markets and I want to go when it snows! There is also some key things that I missed out on.

 Overall this is a great city, it’s historical, its pretty, it’s got a plethora of things to do so really it’s the perfect city break! I really liked it! Even though when I was there (November 17th – 18th) it was foggy and freezing, it was still such a lovely place to visit.

So book a flight and enjoy!

Happy Travels!

In Berlin: History

Just a small taste of the historical side of Berlin.

Walking down the Unter Den Linden (Under the Limes, which is the cutest name!) You can spot the very iconic Brandenberg Gate, a must see!pmgill_20121118_0005

Next is the Reichstag, there is so much history that is attached to this building. It is crazy to imagine the speeches and the masses of people waiting outside. There is an odd feeling in this place, don’t know if I’d ever want to go inside. Despite all this it was a good experience to see it.pmgill_20121118_0004

And the final thing that I think is a must see is the Holocaust Memorial, for me this is a place that you walk through and appreciate what you have, the people in your life and the little things in this world that make it special. Try to be respectful here as it represents something much greater than you or I. Remember to appreciate.pmgill_20121118_0006

 This part of Berlin is soaked in History, there is so much to see, you can spend hours exploring this area and I urge that you do!

Happy Travels!

In Berlin: Museum für Naturkunde

pmgill_20121118_0002I have always loved Natural History Museums, there is something about them, the one in Dublin is not that big but it has a great selection of animals. There is something amazing about walking through and seeing when these animals had been studied and taken note of. I was excited to go to the natural history museum in Berlin as it’s one of the best things to do according to TripAdvisor. It is 3 euro for a student so really affordable!pmgill_20121118_0004The Rooms:

The main room is always some sort of amazing dinosaur! It’s a given that, that is what you will find. The main room is big and airy and it houses some amazing fossils. The second room I entered was where the biodiversity wall was and may I say this is amazing, they are all so wonderfully preserved and it is amazing to see animals big and small on this one giant wall. There is the wet room, there is a huge collection of preserved animals in jars, it’s eery but it’s absolutely incredible! There is so many rows and it’s just really cool that you can walk all around it.pmgill_20121118_0001pmgill_20121118_0003Keep in mind that there are a few more rooms to explore! So get going!

I really recommend you go! It’s really cool there are so many things to see and the animals and artefacts are so well preserved. It’s a great way to spend a couple of hours!

Happy Travels!

In Berlin: Zoo Aquarium Berlin

Firstly can I just say that the website is the most confusing page I have ever visited, they don’t give you a lot of information and generally made me a little frustrated.

 I went to the Aquarium first, I love aquariums, they are so peaceful and fish are amazing!

 It was 15 euro for me, as a student, to get in to both the aquarium and the zoo.

The Aquarium:pmgill_20121117_0002

 The ground floor of the Aquarium is where all the fish are, they have some amazing creatures, they have some of my favourites like, sea horses, black tipped sharks, jelly fish, rays, beautiful coloured fish. pmgill_20121117_0001The second floor is for the Reptiles, oh how I love reptiles, they have some amazing creatures, my favourite was the Rhinoceros Iguana, they are amazing! They also have chameleons  loads of snakes and other lizards. The third and final floor was the floor with the amphibians, there were lots of poison frogs and toads and there was an amazing Giant Chinese Salamander, which was just awesome!pmgill_20121117_0003

 I really really recommend the Aquarium and I recently found out I missed some of the aquarium which means I need to go back!

The Zoo:

It was freezing out so most of the animals were indoors and I read reviews of the zoo and people were quite upset of the enclosures that the animals lived in, I understand because the enclosures are not the best I have seen, they are a bit sparse and look like what you would find in a very old fashioned zoo. I think they are trying to be a bit better but it is still a little upsetting at times.pmgill_20121117_0001

They have some amazing animals though, they have brown bears, pandas and something that was really cool to me was the armadillo! I had never seen one but it was so amazing!

 Over all the zoo is a little difficult to get around, it’s so big and there is so much to see that it’s easy to miss stuff. There is also very little information, there is tiny little signs to the side of the enclosures but they are too small for the amount of people that go by, I would like to see bigger signs after all these should be educational places and I want accessible information.pmgill_20121117_0002

 Also don’t really go in winter, as it is so cold and was foggy when I was there. I think I would go back in summer or spring because it would be much better to see the animals.

 All in all I think there are some great animals in this zoo, some enclosures did make me a little sad but it was still a great few hours!

Happy Travels!