5 Things I Hate About Japan

I love Japan, I am planning to spend a lot of days in Japan but there are some things I really dislike, somethings I just can’t get behind. So be aware, be prepared, these small insignificant things might just grind your gears too. To show how small these things are I will interpolate with photos of the wonderful country that I am complaining about.

PhoebeGill-180404-010.jpgBead Pillows

There is nothing like coming home from a long day of exploring, sight seeing, eating and general frivolity and diving into bed. You want your head to hit the pillow and fall fast asleep however, you nuzzle and hug your pillow only to find a load of beans on one side! Hard plastic, crunchy and uncomfortable these spherical devils are there for comfort but it’s anything but! I’m sorry Japan but I’m going to need my synthetic, fluffy, cloud like¬† pillows!

PhoebeGill-180403-298.jpgToilet Paper

Japan is a country where their toilets sing and dance for you. There are so many buttons it’s like a cockpit of a airplane and yet you have 1 ply toilet paper. Now I know why this is a thing but to have such a comfortable experience only to be faced with 1 ply is a rough time. Pun very much intended!

PhoebeGill161026137.jpgTiny Towels

Maybe this is just me but I like to wrap myself up in a big fluffy towel and watch a YouTube video or have a nap. It’s post shower chill time. However¬† Japan has tiny body towels! Tiny! You jump out of the shower and that cool air hits you, you just want to snuggle into a big fluffy towel and you are wrapping a thin short piece of fabric around yourself. Maybe it’s a tactic to get ready really fast after your morning shower and get to work!

PhoebeGill-180415-171.jpgYour suitcase will be a burden

Japan is a land of convenience, I have never seen such innovative and logical systems in place. However, if you are travelling with a suitcase…sometimes it is not convenient at all. I found that there is not a great amount of space for bags on Shinkansens and busses. On Dublin bus, for example, there is a space for wheelchair users and prams so you can stand with your bags. Not in Japan, you have to awkwardly stand and hope that you aren’t in the way, which you always are, so you have very grumpy old men hitting you as you are trying to figure out how to get to your hotel (I still think about this incident).

PhoebeGill-180414-002Plastic Packaging

Japan what will we do with you? I have never seen such over use of plastic packaging in my life! A sealed tin of biscuits catches your eye, you think, fabulous, you open the tin to find each biscuit individually wrapped, making this tin that you can reuse, completely pointless as there is so much plastic to contend with. You get free plastic bags wherever you go. It’s a free for all. So bring one of the thousand tote bags you have and refuse a plastic bag in shops. Makes you feel slightly less guilty!

Really it’s nothing to write home about and differences are wonderful but sometimes the things your used to, your creature comforts make a big difference when you travel. Don’t feel guilty if you don’t like something, it’s a privilege to travel but it’s also your right to whinge.

Happy Travels!