In Riga: Central

To me Riga was split into three sections. Central was the most interesting to me, it had pretty parks, interesting musuems and a more gritty atmosphere. The most important thing in this area is the freedom monument. Learning Latvia’s history is sad and tough but it is really important to understand the country.PhoebeGill170317046The monument is in between a very lovely park which is nice to stroll through. It almost comforts the history to be sandwiched by nature. Another important place you need to go is the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia. Looking at history is very important but this museum is a lot easier to go through than other museums out there. PhoebeGill170317055There are many buildings that command your attention like the Russian Orthodox church. There is a nativity scene inside but there is a dress code. Women are expected to cover their head and shorts aren’t permitted. PhoebeGill170317047One museum I really enjoyed was the modern art museum, there is great painting from historical periods of time. It was really interesting to read the history of Latvia and then to see it expressed through art.

In the basement, there is modern day art after a good long break from modern art it was nice to see it on my terms. I really recommend this museum.  PhoebeGill170318230Behind the parks and museums is the local shopping area of Riga, charity shops, places to eat, it’s more residential than the area just outside old town. Something I loved about this area was the more gritty elements than the other areas. PhoebeGill170317064Whole buildings would be missing from the street, paint was peeling, it was nice to be somewhere that wasn’t just building apartment blocks all over a city. My favourite has to be this tictac ad, you never see ads like this anymore and I just love it. PhoebeGill170317067I liked walking around this area, there are lots of places to eat like Big Bad Bagels and Crazy Donuts. Walk around, explore and have a good time not being bombarded with modern architecture.

Happy Travels!