In Tokyo: Studio Ghibli Museum

I don’t care for Disneyland. Now I love a Disney movie like the rest of the world but I can’t deal with people in costume and the ‘magic’ of it all. I went to Paris on a school trip and had maybe three hours in the park and although the Tower of Terror was the first and last roller coaster I have been on, I don’t really care if I go on one again, what I do care about is it cost so much to get in, so much to eat and if you wanted to buy anything your wallet cried. As I say, not a big fan. However, there is one company that I adore and will fully endorse with my money. Studio Ghibli has been something I have loved since I was 14 and getting to go to the Ghibli Museum seemed like something I’d never get to see. PhoebeGill161027212I should have had more faith in myself that I’d get there! I had it all planned, I had three days in Tokyo and one of the days was going to be filled with Ghibli. I was so excited. The only snag is that to get tickets you have to be up late at night, agile, have great internet and a steely determination. Ok that sounds a bit severe but at least be prepared to get tickets. As I am from Ireland I only had one option to get my tickets. The Lawson ticket site is a really easy to navigate website. The tickets go on sale the 10th day at 10am (Japan time) for the next month. So on the 10th of April, May tickets go on sale. There are 4 entry times, the person who booked the tickets must be in the group and you need to bring your passport. I know sounds a bit much but it weeds out the reselling of tickets which is great.

Now the website will crash as there are so many people using this site to get tickets but if you refresh like a pro you’ll be fine. Best of all, the tickets only cost ‎¥‎1000, roughly €10. So cheap!! PhoebeGill161027242So this is a wonderful experience so I don’t want to spoil anything for you. You aren’t allowed to take pictures inside the building but outside is fair game. So after entering, there are multiple levels and rooms to explore, two gift shops, a sit down restaurant and a kiosk with quick bites to eat. I went the quick and easy option which tasted great. They are not big portions so if you aren’t planning to go to the sit down cafe, you might want to bring a snack (There is a konbini across from the museum)PhoebeGill161027254I definitely recommend this museum, it was such a lovely experience and I will definitely be back. There is such amazing attention to detail, the outside is as thought of and decorative as the inside. Hayao Miyazaki has to be one of my favourite humans, for the stunning art he creates, his female protagonists and his incredible ideas. Now that is something to celebrate. Arigatou gozaimasu Miyazaki san. PhoebeGill1610272853To get to the Museum, I took the train to Kichijoji and walked, it’s a really pretty walk and will take about 20 minutes.

Happy Travels!