In Kyoto: The Bamboo Forest

The bamboo forest in Kyoto was a place I had wanted to go for so many years. A short distance into the Arashiyama area, take a turn up a small unassuming road and there it is, the bamboo forest. A beautiful area, cool in climate with tall shoots. With my slight detour I arrived a little too late to avoid the crowds so getting shots was a little tricky. PhoebeGill161026037What I was surprised by is that it’s one single path with a dead end. I had visions of a walk though a forest and you’d come out on the other side of the area, kind of thing but it’s not. It’s just a walkway and then you turn around and go back. Now by all means it’s still beautiful.PhoebeGill161026047I think it should definitely be on the list but the Inari Shrine site was even better than I had expected and I though the bamboo forest was going to be a similar experience but maybe there is a difference if you are first on site. So my number one tip is get up early! PhoebeGill161026050Although it wasn’t what I expected, I will definitely be back again, it’s really a must see.

Happy Travels!