In Edinburgh: Calton Hill

Not only is this a great place to watch New Years fireworks but it’s great for a walk and to see another side of Edinburgh. Calton Hill is one of three dormant volcanic areas in Edinburgh. Pretty cool eh?phoebegill170101019You can see the monuments of Calton Hill from Princes Street, if you continue to the end of the shopping strip, you come to the entrance of the park so it is really accessible from the centre of Edinburgh. It’s a nice little park that’s not a very strenuous walk. phoebegill170101009There are a couple of observatories and monuments up on the hill for you to take a look at and get great pictures with but I think the best view is the look at Arthurs Seat. Look at all the tiny humans!phoebegill170101007The best thing for me is the views of Edinburgh. As you walk around there is a panoramic view of every bit of the city. You can see the gorgeous princes street with cars, trams and people milling around below. There is also the view of the Firth of Forth and of course Arthurs Seat. phoebegill170101013