In Norway: Renting a Car with Nordic Campers

I am so excited to share this review with you not only because I think this information is very valuable to my fellow camper van travellers but because this is what I wanted my first rental to be like!

In summary: I loved this van, I love this company, I will be back to use it again but now lets get into the details.


What I Loved

I love that their vans are new, they are 2014 models and haven’t racked up that many kilometers. I choose a plain outside because we all know how last time worked out for me, if you didn’t see it check it out here. I loved this van by the end of my trip. It was fantastic and had everything you could possibly need!

Unlimited Kilometers! Now if you read my previous post on rental thats what really bummed me out because I can drive a lot at once. I am so so grateful that Nordic doesn’t charge for extra kms and I hope it wont change. In the three days I drove over 1200km and it was incredible that I didn’t have to worry like I did last time!

Free wifi! Once again I am just going to say that I love this rental. Each camper has a wifi dongle and as long at it is charged you will have wifi, this was perfect for me as I used google maps for the entire trip and i got to Facetime my family.

Each van has a toll tag which makes life a lot easier, there are a lot of toll roads on the Oslo to Bergen route. If you plan on using a different vehicle to Nordic Campers than check out Auto Passes website for further information on how to pay 

Most importantly, everything worked! I cannot express how easy this trip was with this camper. It really had everything you could want from the correct cables and adaptors to kitchen supplies this van seriously had it all and I 100% recommend!

What I Didn’t Like

The front part of the car and the back sleeping section are completely separate which means if you have the heating on in the front it wont warm up the back at all really. This only becomes an issue if you are wilderness camping because each van is equipped with a heater that you can plug in at a camp site. I didn’t opt to sleep in campsites and I have to say I was freezing and didn’t sleep well at all. At one point during the night I actually got into the front bit of the van and slept in the front seat with the heater on. Basically, my advice is to find a campsite and stay there, be warm and snuggly with your heater because you will get a much better sleep!

The only other thing I didn’t really enjoy was how much it cost but Norway is deemed one of the most expensive countries in the world so you have to take that and the fact that it is your car and accommodation in one, into consideration. For three days I paid about €400 and this isn’t peak season but also not completely out of season so this price will vary. Also note that Norway charges you for going through the tunnels, which there are so so many of, going over bridges and then they also have tolled roads so there may be extra charges you aren’t aware of at the time. There are cheaper ways to travel but I have to say I don’t regret this decision. I had an amazing time!


Top Tips

  1. Pick up wasn’t stated on the booking so if you have a pick up in Asker go to the corner cafe called Lancelot (turn left when you leave the train station) and a van will be parked there at your agreed time.
  2. Sleep in a campsite! I know it’s extra money and isn’t as flexible but I was so cold. So if you run cold normally you have been warned!
  3. Petrol Stations are everywhere. You will be fine for petrol or a snack.
  4. Watch out for speed cameras! They are plentiful and can sneak up on you.
  5. All you need is a valid drivers licence. So once again under 25 friendly!
  6. Try not get distracted by the utter beauty of this amazing country!

Would I use Nordic Campers again? Definitely yes! I think you should give the website a look , save up your pennies and have a great trip!

If you have any questions I will be happy to help if I can, just leave them down below! Thanks so much for reading!

Happy Travels!