In Life: I Miss You

I have been to 22 countries and most of them I have really loved seeing and am so happy I went but there are two that make my heart ache because I am not there constantly.

I have visited these in the past two years and I miss them so much.

South Africa.jpg

I was ridiculously excited to go to South Africa because I had wanted to see animals in the wild since I was 6. I didn’t think that this country would have such an impact on me but for the past year I have thought about South Africa every single day.

I miss the landscapes, the wildlife, the ocean, the mountains, the food (I really liked the food, my family are more fancy than me) I miss PicknPay and Woolworths, I miss the oranges, I miss seeing bakkies with a braai on the back. I miss the dry heat. I miss how blue the sky and sea were, sometimes split by green mountains.

I just miss it. A tiny piece of me was left there, I will be back to get it soon.

South Africa (1)

I have been to Iceland three times this year, have I mentioned that? Maybe just a little. I have completely fallen head over heels for this island. I love everything about this country (bar the tourists) It is small enough to drive around within a week but has so much to see and do that you’ll want to stay forever!

I miss the waterfalls and the mountains, I miss the glaciers and the snow. Driving for hours and hours, finding more and more beautiful things. Seeing black sand for the first time, watching the icebergs shift and move. Hearing a glacier creek. Sitting behind a waterfall for ages looking at how amazing it is. I even miss the small amount of food I ate in my crappy van, grape Appelsín, Floridana juice, donuts in every garage, hotdogs, bacon wrapped hotdogs! I ate very well on my travels!

I miss Iceland completely, utterly, totally. I will never be done exploring this incredible country!

It’s odd to feel this way about places but it’s also really nice to know I have found places that I will go back to over and over and still love them as much as the first time I went.

Is there a place that makes you feel like this? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Travels!