In Outdoor Gear: Hiking Boots

I decided to get my first pair of hiking boots after I took a trip to Mayo and I walked in the rain, on some cliffs, in a pair of Converse. Understandably, it wasn’t a good time, I slipped and fell down countless times. It was from that point I knew I needed to get a pair of boots.

Now my parents aren’t the hiking type, they also deem most of my purchases a waste, I will use that engraver tool one day, just you wait and see. I found The North Face Berkley boots in the shoe shop Office on Carnaby street, London and I needed them! You see my favourite colour is blue and every other colour on the blue spectrum. So when I saw the teal laces I knew they had to be mine!

Out With The OldDSC_5615

The Berkley boot is a really comfortable shoe, it is a great boot for walking on a trail in some maintained forests…you see where I am going. They aren’t really a hiking boot. Although it’s comfortable and has ankle support. It is lacking in the waterproof department. Going through any Irish terrain just floods these beauties, which is such a shame. I think if you are a very light hiker then these are the ones for you.

I needed some more durable boots because I was going to Iceland. I have talked way too much about Iceland but still. I needed something that would keep my feet dry and warm. Living in the back of a van with pneumonia, is no bueno!

In With The New

DSC_5616Enter the Meindl boot! Aren’t they pretty. There aren’t many places (I can think of) that caters to outdoor wear. I know of 53 Degrees North, The Great Outdoors and Snow and Rock but other than that I don’t know where is a good place in Dublin to try on a pair of boots. I went to the Great Outdoors as their selection is a lot bigger that other shops.

I wanted them to be waterproof, durable, leather and nice looking because practicality and style are a wonderful combination. So here they are. They are the Meindl Bhutan Lady MFS and although they were expensive, they were €250. Gasp, I know, they are an investment.

I wore these all around Iceland and they are really a great boot. They kept my feet dry and warm and made me feel a lot more grounded when I was scaling rocks and walking on slippery mud.

One thing I always worry about is getting sore feet with new shoes, especially boots! I wore these in my house for about a week leading up to my trip and went for a walk in them and then it was my adventures in Iceland and the initial breaking in of the boot was really great. No lesions or blisters, ew I know, but there was none of that! Although they are not fully broken in at all really, I think I can say that it’s not going to be torture and that they will be really very comfortable! *Nope, I think the boots heard me, I don’t have heels anymore.

So if you have any questions about this boot let me know!

Happy Hiking!

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