My Thoughts on Things: Food

I don’t really know how to start this post but I suppose I should make myself as clear as possible. I don’t want your opinion. I am sure you are a wonderful person with lots of feelings and opinions on a myriad of different topics but to be quite frank, I just don’t care.

We are constantly surrounded by opinions. Most people look at Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube as a way to show what you are eating, doing, buying etc. In other words, pics or it didn’t happen. The way I see it is that all of the posts we make, are our opinions on what the world has to offer and one thing that is so prevalent is commenting and posting about food.

Veganism, vegetarianism, paleo, raw, raw till 4, pescetarian, high carb, low carb. There are so many ways of eating, the list is endless. Now I have no problem with how people eat, if you want to go vegan, go you, that is great but when you start telling people everyone should be vegan and you are an idiot if you aren’t. That’s when I have a problem.

You have no idea what someones relationship with food is. We know more now than ever, there are so many articles and books and videos about the food industry but sometimes it can get so exhausting and overwhelming. A while back I just broke down because food and weight seemed to be everywhere and I couldn’t just process all the information in my own time.

I want to reiterate, my own time, you may have found the way you want to eat but not everyone is there, give people the information and then shut up. I have a friend, who I do love dearly but she condemns you if you know they information about the food industry and you aren’t vegan and I have said this to her face, that I hate the way she discusses veganism.

I decided I was only going to listen to people who approached their way of eating with informed decisions and the ability to share without shaming. Look at Manda Louise on YouTube, she has inspired me.   

Saying ‘well if everyone just’…

This gets to me, I think it is such an uneducated response. Yes if you live in Australia you can have every fruit and vegetable you could ever want but now compare Australia to Iceland. Iceland cannot grow most fruit and vegetables. They are trying to grow their own with greenhouses but before that there wasn’t an option.

When people say ‘but if everyone in America could just be vegan there would be no problem’ sure, the wealthy parts of America. There are loads of kids in America that go to school hungry because their families can’t afford breakfast.

People need to stop looking at rich California and assuming that everything is great and we should all follow the Cali vegan lifestyle where everyone eats kale and can eat out in vegan restaurants every night. It’s just not real.

Education is what the world needs. Not the education that involves vegans shaming other people, one YouTuber giving one link to Peta’s website or watching the Kardashians eat salads. We need transparency within the food industry with how our food is grown, reared, cultivated and killed. We need mandatory culinary/nutritional education in schools. We need a bottle of water to be cheaper than a can of coke.

Basically, everyone is on their own path, if you have information, share it round but don’t get angry if the people around you don’t want to know, talk about how you eat and share delicious food, because sooner or later people may cut down their consumption, make sure they are using locally grown food, trying to get as natural products as possible, use alternatives where they can.

I hope this makes sense, it’s been on my mind so long that sometimes it can come out like the rapids. Thanks for reading beans!