In Iceland: 3 Spots on the South Coastline

Being able to explore the South Coast of Iceland is a wonderful experience. The scenery along the ring road is stunning and there are so many stops along the way. I definitely recommend you pull off and explore these beautiful spots.

Black Sand Beach In VíkPhoebeGill150916718

There is a small residential area just behind this beach, for my Irish readers, it reminded me of the area around Brittas Bay, Wicklow. It’s a quiet beach full of couples, holing hands, having a walk. I loved walking to the big cliffs at the end of the beach and looking at all the nesting birds soar above.


PhoebeGill150916908PhoebeGill150916685*Be careful at this spot! Tourists have been swept away and have died from the current. Don’t be foolish and read the signs. This area is wonderful. A beautiful beach to watch a sunset and go for a walk. This amazing basalt rock formation looks like it was man made, it is that beautiful. Like the giants causeway these amazing formations are stunning, along with the caves and the sea stacks this area is steeped in natural beauty!


PhoebeGill150916508This cliff top site has some amazing views. Take the time to actually explore this area. I didn’t and I do regret it, I will just have to go back! There is lots to see and places to walk but be careful as this area doesn’t have many barriers are there are lots of people climbing precarious looking routes!

Definitely check out these spots and I am sure there are more hidden and secluded areas along the South for you to explore. If you know of any leave them in the comments! 

Happy Travels!

4 thoughts on “In Iceland: 3 Spots on the South Coastline

  1. I love this! I’m going to Iceland in September for the first time in this particular season. I have been twice before in Feb, where it’s vastly different!
    I am going to get married in Vik, so it’s great to get an idea of what the place will look like without snow! 🙂 Did you catch any northern lights in September? Some people say that it’s too early, but others have said its a perfect time!

    1. Oh congratulations! I loved this time of year, it’s beautiful. To be honest I didn’t look for the northern lights. I drove so much I went to bed at 9pm every night although when I was there in August there was talk that it was active so I’m sure there is a chance. Sorry, I can’t be much help!

      1. No problem – i’m going to keep my eyes peeled for them. I’ve seen them before in Feb, but this time around i’ll be taking my family to Iceland, so I just hope we’ll catch a glimpse of them.
        Thank you! I can’t wait – The beach and the coast line look wonderful against the green!
        How do you get to the section with basalt columns as shown in your photos?

      2. Oh I hope you can all see them, it would be amazing if you could share that. If you are driving east towards Vík, it’s a right hand turn before the town, you follow the 215 road and then at the end there’s a car park and it’s on the beach.

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