In Life: Changing

I watch a lot of YouTube and I make videos, I know people talk a lot of crap in the comments section and go out of their way to make rude comments. I once commented on a random video, one person didn’t like what I had to say, went over to my channel and called me ugly. People think they are invincible behind a keyboard most of it I can ignore but there is one comment I just can’t abide.

“You’ve changed, I want the old you back”

What a ridiculous statement to make! I find it absurd. I love changing and I have done it a lot. From the time I was able to pick out my own clothes and wear makeup I was able to change how I was at any given moment. I have changed styles, I have changed how much makeup I wear, I have changed what type of music I listen to, I have changed what I am interested in, I have changed my opinions and my beliefs.

It’s not that I am fake or that I am easily influenced, I am still me but I try new things that are around me. I will do it all so I can see where I fit. Changing is scary but it’s also amazing.

People are incredibly complex, they are products of what is around them. There are so many cultures to learn from, so much history to think about. The world is filled with incredible things to see and do, listen to, eat and understand. I feel if you stay the same your entire life you aren’t giving yourself your best chance. Be a mix of everything you encounter, everything you take in.

Don’t be afraid to change your mind, question things, try to understand something new, experience something new. Changing is inevitable and wonderful. Don’t just follow along or if you do want to follow along, don’t ridicule people who are changing or trying something new. They are trying to fit in to where they belong. That is their path to find.

I am changing all of the time and it’s nice to think I don’t have to be one kind of person or have one certain mindset for the rest of my life. Things are going to change and that’s ok.

Thanks for reading my beans!

Let me know your thoughts on this thing! 

*I do want to add that if your path leads you to really damaging, dangerous things maybe don’t try them, maybe sit back down and try knitting or something.