In Life: I Won A Competition!!

So I won the most amazing opportunity to go see Kings Of Leon in Iceland! WOW Air posted the giveaway on their Facebook and I commented not thinking anything of it. When they posted that I won I was ecstatic! Not only go I get to see a band I was obsessed with in secondary school, I get free flights to see them in one of my favourite places!

I collected the tickets in the WOW Air offices and noticed that there was just an A+ on the tickets and didn’t know what that meant but was happy anyway. Turns out they are tickets into the A+ section of the hall, right at the top. So I got to stand at the barrier a stones throw away from them.


Supporting The Kings were Kaleo, an Icelandic band who I had never heard of but I really enjoyed their music, every song sounded slightly different and were all full of energy and Jökull, the vocalist’s voice is beautiful!

PhoebeGill150813002-1The venue was pretty small but that made the experience really quite nice, the noise level was no different than that of a bigger gig. PhoebeGill150813008-1I only have these shots from the video I took. I find video is way better for depicting a concert so I will be uploading the footage onto youtube soon!  PhoebeGill150813008-2Many many moons ago I would have stood on Jared’s side of the stage but I am happy I stood at Matts. He is so wonderfully smiley and is a fantastic guitarist.

I loved this concert. After so many years of loving their music and seeing them back in 2008, they are still so fun to go and see. I am so thankful to WOW Air for the chance to go see them again.

I got two full days in Reykjavik so there will be more blog posts coming very very soon!

Happy Travels!