In Croatia: Top 8 things to do in Split

The next stop on the trip was Split, the bus from Plitvice to Split goes back to Zadar so it does take a long time but there was great scenery and an ok journey.

I enjoyed Split, coming from Zadar it felt a lot more touristy, there are a lot of people in stalls and booths with boat trips and day trips to the islands and I was even approached by two British people asking if I wanted to go on their pub crawl (my idea of hell). The architecture is once again beautiful and there are some fun things to do in the Old Town and everything is an easy walk away.

Things to do in Split:

  1. Walk up the Bell Tower of St. Domnius. It costs €2 to go up. My favourite thing by far. I’ve read reviews and people said can be scary, there is a great breeze closer to the top, the stairs are sometimes more difficult than others, it is narrow, it’s a pretty open staircase so you can see how far down. But if you are like me and like heights than you’ll be fine and it will be a lot of fun!
  2. Diocletian’s Palace, there is a really great square where you can sit and have a drink. In the evening time there is music which is really nice to experience. I also went into the basement halls which are quite interesting.
  3. Have a drink by the Riva. Although there are lots of stalls by the seafront you can ignore them and look out to sea and relax.
  4. Walk all around the small streets. The beautiful architecture and pretty squares are a really nice thing to do when scouting for a place to eat.
  5. Go to the beach. Beautiful waters and great coves means for a great swim in the sea.
  6. Rub bishop Gregory of Nin’s toe. It’s an 8m tall statue and it’s said it can bring you good luck.
  7. Walk up Marjan Hill.
  8. Get a picture with the Gladiators, just because.


This is the view of Marjan Hill. A really great hike to do if you want to feel a bit more active. PhoebeGill150617049-2

There are beautiful mountains all around Croatia, this is north of Diocletian’s Palace. You can see the walls of Old Town and this is where the big statue of Gregory of Nin. PhoebeGill150617108-4

The marina is right next to the bus station and the railway line. Just past all of this is the beaches and coves that are a great place to swim.

PhoebeGill150617080-3I found these were the best things to do in Split, I was there for three days, I don’t really drink and I don’t like to go out so I don’t have any idea about that side of the city. I think it’s a really nice point to stop on the Dalmatian coast.

Happy Travels!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m headed to Split tomorrow and am looking forward to it!

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