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I went to Hong Kong in 2008 as a stop over on my way to Australia. I only spent two days in Hong Kong but there is something about it that I really enjoyed. Even though there is 7 million people in this city and for someone who hates crowds, I wasn’t uncomfortable with the amount of people. One thing I noticed was that no one cared that you were there, people are just going about their day to day business, I think that really aided to my feeling of calm. It’s an odd balance of feeling alone amongst hundreds of people. PhoebeGill081221009-1The food is amazing! authentic Chinese food is my in my top three favourite foods. Packed restaurants, lots of noise, really quick service, incredible food, it was amazing!

We like visiting lots of places that really creates a better understanding of a country BUT Hong Kong was different! There was one tourist attraction we went to multiple times, this never happens when we are on a trip.The Peak is a lookout point 428m above sea level that gives you the most amazing panoramic view of Hong Kong. It is nothing like I have ever seen before. It was incredible!


We took a taxi up to The Peak Tower. The journey winds up the side of a mountain, it was beautifully green and really enjoyable ride up! At the base of the tower you can see the harbour, watching all the silhouettes of the boats was gorgeous.

In the tower there are lots of shops and places to eat so you can really spend a lot of time there if you want. You have to pass by them all to get to the top so you might as well have a look in.

The view from the top:pmgill_20081221_0031

This view is probably one of the most amazing views of a city I have ever seen. There is a reason we went twice. You definitely have to check it out if you are in Hong Kong. Have any of you been here?

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