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The world is such a large and wonderful place it can be tricky to pick where to go. Here are some of the things I do when I want to find somewhere new and interesting to go! I also tell you some of the steps to take in order to get to your destination!

The Picture.

It all starts with a picture I find on the internet or in a magazine, mostly I find my inspiration on Tumblr, Instagram and National Geographic. These websites are great because the have hashtags and locations so it can be very easy to see an exact location. National Geographic has inspired me since I was a child, the images published are some of the most amazing imagery out there.

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My Notebook.

I have a travel notebook, filled with specific places. I never just write down Italy or France, I write a town or area that pinpoints my interests. I love this notebook, it is my little black book of bucket list destinations. I flick through and pick something that looks amazing!

This notebook is ‘The Explorer Notebook’ it is hardy, water resistant and the pages are tough. My mother bought me this as a present, she knows me well. I treasure it.Untitled-2

Have I said I love maps?

I then have to see this location in relation to the rest of the country, is it far from the capital? Is there an airport near it? I like buying road maps of the countries I visit even though I may not be driving, I still love cartography and think they are great to have!DSC_3636

How are you going to get around?

You then have to see what kind of transport is available and how expensive/cheap each of them will be. There is no point spending all of your money if you can’t drive and there is only expensive transport options you can’t afford.


Next up is how much will it cost you to get there? You now know if you can get a bus, a train or drive yourself but what airlines go where and how much will it cost just to fly into?

I go to TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is fantastic, it is ordinary people sharing their experiences and I think it is a great tool to use to see what is in the area you have picked. Also what else does this country have to offer? I feel like staying in one place for two weeks seems quite dull, I like moving around and getting a sense of the country.

Where are you staying?

You need a place to rest your head after a full day of adventuring. Be it a cheap hostel or a luxury hotel, there is a place for everyone. TripAdvisor is a great to get reviews of hotels so I recommend you go there first. I am trying out Air BnB on my upcoming trip so I will let you know all of the details when I am back. I love the concept and am excited to experience a new way to stay in a new country.

Guide Books

I love guide books, I have fond memories of my mother busting out the worn and loved guide to tell us a fact and description of a building or location. She has instilled a love of these little encyclopaedias, which means I now have started my own collection! They look amazing on a shelf and are so handy! My favourite section is the basic phrases and the important information about safety and rules. I wouldn’t travel without one even the tiny pocket books I think are essentials!DSC_3624

There are more things to think about and do before your holiday but these steps will get you started. The most important step is to be safe and have a fantastic adventure. I really hope this has helped some first time trip planners out there. If you have any questions let me know in a comment. Thank you for reading Beans!

Happy Travels!

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