Life: Where Have I Been?

Hello my beans!

It has been too long! I got into a bad mindset for a little while but fret not, I am feeling better and I am back with a roundup of the past while because I have done some things that I want to share with you lovely people!  uiceMy sister introduced me to these juices, the company Sprout and Co. juice the best ingredients into these healthy juices and they taste delicious! Check them out if you want to pick up fresh, locally sourced healthy drinks!

gingerI love ginger! It is fiery and warming and really refreshing, you can get alcoholic ginger beer which is very ready available but as I am not a big drinker I went on the search for non alcoholic versions. I came across Bundaberg an Australian ginger beer and it is amazing! I love it!

hilltopwalkI went for a hike up in Glendalough and I wasn’t very happy for a lot of reasons. I am not happy that I didn’t get enough footage or images BUT I do intend to do an I’ve Been Out Walking video on this place and I can’t wait to do this tough hike again.25yearsI got an invite to Thornton’s Restaurant 25 year anniversary celebration. Thornton’s is a one star Michelin restaurant in Dublin’s city centre and it is my favourite restaurant in Dublin. It was a fantastic event with amazing canapés and wonderful speeches from Kevin and his wife Muriel. If you are ever in the mood for wonderful food definitely check it out! dogparkTiffin is now 5 months and is getting on really well! She is now fully vaccinated and ready to play with every dog on the planet. I have found a dog park that is perfect for my pup’s development and I will probably do a post on it because there is also an eatery I want to check out for sure! BenI got the opportunity to go to Ben Howard in the 3Arena, I absolutely loved his first album! Definitely recommend his debut album! His visuals were incredible! I have some video footage that will be going in my April video so keep an eye out for that at the end of the month!     SunsetI have been trying to get outside more and more because going outside makes me happy. I think taking the time to sit and think is really quite important! I love sunsets because they are really peaceful. I try to see a sunrise or a sunset in a day. Maybe set yourself the challenge to see something beautiful each day!

How are you my beans? What have you been up to?

Happy Travels!

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