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animalsthub2I got an awesome opportunity yesterday to see the opening of the Animal Inside Out Ireland exhibition before it goes on show to the general public. I was so excited to go as I have been wanting to buy tickets for about a month now! Special thanks to Picture This Dublin for allowing me to go. Check them out and use the hashtag #EnjoyYourCity with your images of Dublin!


Now onto the event! It is on in the Ambassador Theater at the very top of O’Connell street, Dublin city centre. The space is really nice and open with lots of room for the exhibit and guests. There is lots of information attached to the specimens and the walls of the exhibit. I learnt some really interesting facts! PhoebeGill150311007

The specimens themselves are really impressive! They showcase the beauty and the power of how they are built. They are posed to show their muscles in action and it is amazing to see the creatures strength and size of different types of muscle.  PhoebeGill150311452

Dr von Hauges, the creator of plastination, the process of copying parts in a body with plastic for preservation, is an amazing technique that allows parts like the nervous system, a delicate, intricate web to be viewed up close. It is an incredible process that means a specimen does not decay or smell and it also means that we can view, with great detail, astonishing anatomy! PhoebeGill150311470

This exhibition is not gruesome in any way, I didn’t go to the human exhibition that was on a couple of years ago because the thought of it was too much for me, I think these specimens are much easier to handle and would then be easier for children to see, there were a number of children there and they were really engaged with the exhibit.   PhoebeGill150311483

What I love most about the collection is that there are so many vantage points you can view each animal, it allows you to see different, interesting cross sections. You can’t get this in a book or a tv programme, it has to be seen with your own eyes. I cannot recommend Animal Inside Out enough!


I thoroughly enjoyed looking at these amazing creatures and their anatomies. Absolutely fascinating! If you have an interest in anatomy, zoology or understanding the world around you a little better than this is the exhibit to see! It runs from (Today!) the 12th of March to the 12th of April. Tickets cost €14 for an adult and €8 for children.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Happy Travels!


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