In Reykjavik: Hallgrímskirkja

I am not a religious person and I am not that big on organised places of worship. I am not going to get into it on the internet because we all know that doesn’t end well but I recommend going to see this church. PhoebeGill150112017

It is a Lutheran church and is the 6th tallest building in Iceland. It is a focal point in the city, you can usually spot it so it’s a good building to use as a compass.

What struck me is that it is very plain, I actually liked that it was so bare, I have been in churches gilded and with stain glass, they scream of opulence and money and that doesn’t sit well with me so it was nice to go somewhere that was architecturally intricate and beautiful.

There was one stain glass window, simple, in the corner, unassuming and I really liked it.


The thing that I was most awed by was the amazing organ as you turn to leave. Wow, this amazing piece of art is just beautiful! It is stunning, with 5275 pipes of all different sizes. It is 15 meters tall and 25 tons. It is amazing.

PhoebeGill150112268I really recommend you go in and see for yourself. It’s nice to go into a quiet place away from the bitter cold.

Happy Travels!

In Reykjavik: Downtown

Downtown Reykjavik is where you go to shop, grab a coffee and eat. It’s got such a nice vibe and it’s great to walk around and explore, there are so many streets you can meander around. PhoebeGill150112156

I love Ireland’s 53 Degrees North, it has everything outdoorsy. 66 Degrees North is just as magical! I wanted everything in it. Every clothing item was black and grey and was perfect but woefully expensive! PhoebeGill150112152There are lots of tourism shops, from The Nordic Store, to Islandia which is the cutest shop. If you want your trinkets these are the streets to walk down. 

At the end of the shopping street you get to the seafront road, I usually love the atmosphere near the sea and harbours and this is no different. There is Harpa, the concert and business hall on one end of the street, it’s a really cool building and on the other end is the lake. PhoebeGill150112176

There is a little park behind the lake is beautiful and would be a lovely spot in Summer, there is again, cafes and eateries around here that look really nice! This is the parliament area so it’s got gorgeous buildings and little parks. It’s lovely!PhoebeGill150112181

This is a school, how beautiful! I would love if my school looked like this! PhoebeGill150112147

Tjörnin, Reykjavik City Lake is a definite must see, this is where you can feed the ducks and swans, a lovely place to go. The Greylag Goose are adorable and will come up to you, lovely birds, probably wouldn’t put your fingers out to them though.

In winter the lake freezes and people walk across it, play football on it and it can be used for iceskating but there is a frost free section for all the birds that hang out.PhoebeGill150112194

I love this area! I want to go back and explore more. Do you have any favourite spots in this area?

Happy Travels!