In Iceland: Horses

There are Icelandic horses all over the Golden Circle and on the drive to Vík so there will always be a chance for you to stop and say hello.  I find these creatures fascinating. Firstly their purpose is tourism and meat. I think they have a few agricultural roles but that is not their main purpose. The breed is highly controlled, you can buy an Icelandic horse but once it has been outside of Iceland it can never return in fear of disease.  PhoebeGill150111587Icelandic horses are tough animals because they stay outdoors all the time. They huddle together and stand with their backs against the wind and snow to keep warm. Even though the horses are standing all day everyday in the harshest of weather but are still the most friendly creatures. If you stand at the fence for even the shortest amount of time they will come over to you and enjoy the attention. I could have stood there all day. PhoebeGill150111602

These animals are so soft and have such a wonderful temperament. I can’t wait to have more interactions with them in the future. The breed is quite interesting because they are the only horse to have all 5 gaits. Now I don’t horse ride but that sounds like an impressive quality to have. PhoebeGill150109054
One thing I really want to do is a tour on one of these wonderful creatures. Now when I went in January it was a snow storm risk so that may not be enjoyable and in Summer Iceland is plagued by midges so spring or autumn are times where I would consider going.

I have fallen in love with these animals, just a little.

Happy Travels!