In Iceland: Gullfoss

Gullfoss is amazing, I had seen pictures of the waterfall online and I thought it would be nice but I had no idea it would be this beautiful! It was -8c and bitterly cold, I couldn’t feel my hands but it was worth it. There are three viewing points top, middle and bottom levels. The top and the middle levels were open and the views from both were just amazing! Looking down the canyon on the top level was so cool to see.

There is a history to this waterfall. In the early 1900s an Icelandic man owned Gullfoss, foreign investors wanted to use the waterfall’s power to produce electricity. The man didn’t let the investors buy the waterfall but decided to rent it to them. The man’s daughter, Sigriður, was deeply angered by this and wanted the investors off the land. She hired a lawyer and pleaded her case, she was so passionate about it she threatened to throw herself into the waterfall as she couldn’t see this amazing natural beauty tainted. She didn’t win the case but the fees were never payed so Gullfoss was safe.

The waterfall was passed down to the generations in the family until in 1940 where Gullfoss was sold to the Icelandic government and was made a nature reserve in 1979. Sigriður’s passion for Gullfoss made people realise how important it is to keep the landscape of Iceland intact. This mentality is still very much important to Iceland today.


This last stop on the Golden Circle is definitely worth it, it is amazing to see in person. Images just don’t do it justice.

It can be very slippery on the boardwalks and outside the cafe so once again take care if you are travelling in winter. I recommend the lamb stew in the cafe, it is warming and filling and you can get a free refill!


I cannot recommend this wonderful location enough. It is simply beautiful and I cannot wait to go back!

Happy Travels!

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