What I’m packing for Iceland

The time has come dear readers, where I start making lists and packing up what I want to bring to Iceland. Now what you are about to see may be lacking in some fundamental areas but to be honest these things are the most important things to me right now. PhoebeGill150107011


First things first, I never leave home with out my Surfdome beanie unfortunately they don’t have them on their site as I write this but hopefully they will be back because they are the nicest ones I have had! This will probably blow off my head within two nano seconds upon┬ámy arrival but maybe just might save my ears.

I got these Pringle socks for christmas and they are just the cutest things ever! Can’t wait to wear them!

I got this snood scarf from TopShop about two years ago and it is just perfect and chunky and will keep me warm which is very important!

Camera Equipment:

I am bringing four cameras, yeah I know 4 does seem very excessive but you see I am a photographer and going to Iceland has been on my list for so long that I just have to be prepared.

I am renting a car so I need the GoPro, this wide angle will be perfect for so many shots and it’s small so I can justify it…kind of.

I am bringing my small point and shoot so I can shoot some vlog type footage. This little camera is great and I want to use my youtube channel more so this will go hand in hand.

(In fairness these two bits of kit are not that heavy)

I am bring a medium format camera, now this is bulky and awkward but there is no chance I go to one of the most stunning places for landscapes and I don’t have my Bronica with me, this camera and me have been shooting landscapes for years and I am not about to leave it behind!

I then have my full frame camera(!!) I am so excited to stitch together the most amazingly big panoramic shots of this country. I am so so so excited.

I suppose I will also need some clothes but that will be in a boring tiny suitcase.

Happy Travels!