2014 According To My Instagram.

No year is all good or all bad there are a multitude of different ups and downs that we all go through and I am a big believer in remembering the bad so you can learn from it. Travel blogs can come across as the perfect life and the ultimate highlight reel and I don’t want my blog to be that. So I hope you don’t think it too personal but lets look back at 2014.Jan-mayThe first few months of the year I was finishing up my degree, so writing my dissertation and shooting my major project. I chose to do my project on forests so I could get out of the house and get some fresh air, I think this was hugely important in getting me through the degree. I got to dance in snow and bring my dog up there so she could play. I then got to exhibit in a gallery in the centre of Dublin. This went really well and I really should have just stopped all college there and then. Results were out after the exhibition and that really knocked my confidence and really had me down for a while. (I am now finally feeling better about all this)

JulyAugAh the landscape month. I decided to climb the sugar loaf, something I have said I was going to do for ages. Goal complete! I then went on a four day road trip with some friends to Kerry and Cork, it was a lot of fun, I got to drive lots and look at how beautiful that part of the country is. I also got to pet lots of animals which I was happy about!


August was a busy month! I went to Kilkenny to see my friend, we hung out in her home town and I got to see some sights and stuff like that, it was a lot of fun. We then went on to Electric Picnic in Laois. That was an experience!


My beautiful dog Honey, passed away in September, now if you are not a dog person you wont understand but my heart has never hurt more than when the vet told me the news. We had spent such good times together that year and I was planning more and for her to be gone like that was so upsetting. She was perfect and I miss her terribly.

I had booked a holiday to go to Sligo with my sister and we decided to get away from everything and just have a break, it was really nice to spend time with my sister and experience something new. We went surfing in Strandhill, which is another goal checked off. It is a great place to go to get away from everything.

September was the most difficult month, it was the finial straw for all of the emotional stress that was happening around me all year. It was very tough to go through but I think October was the drive to keep moving forward. Octnov

October was the best month, possibly, of my life. The amount of experiences that were crammed into three weeks was amazing and inspiring and breathtaking! South Africa is the most beautiful place I have ever been. I have so many posts on this country and you can find all of them in this one.

I also graduated! Which was nice that I can be rid of them forever! Yay! It is daunting finishing up a huge chunk of time and realising you have to get out there but I am excited for it really. Let the adventure begin! decDecember was a fun month because I told myself, enough is enough. I have to start making plans and make my own path and do what I love and I decided to get in gear with this blog. I had so many posts I wanted to write up and I still do! There is so much I can do and I don’t want to limit myself at all! I still have no idea if the way in which I blog is fruitful or interesting but I will keep trying. I love documenting, so this process is lovely for me and I hope it is helpful to you, dear reader!

I went to London and it was lovely and food filled, I did catch a cold which is finally gone! I went to the Natural History Museum and I walked around to all my favourite spots, it was lovely! Christmas was a lot of fun, I got to see most of my family running up to the day and then I got to eat, chat, get dressed up and feel good. It was a great day and I got so many wonderful things and I cried because that is what I do now, I just cry at everything. It was perfect!

On to the New Year! Ok so I don’t like new years but I am excited for 2015 to start. 2014 was tough and sometimes the bad can stick to me more than the good but there was lots of travel, adventure and new things. I got to check 6 things off my bucket list! That is pretty impressive. I finished my hellish degree. I learned a lot. I lost quite a bit. I picked myself up and I am ready for a new year.

I hope your year was happy and wonderful but if it wasn’t I hope next year is. Tomorrow can always be better.

Happy Travels and Happy New Year!

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