In London: The Natural History Museum

If you have seen my Berlin Natural History Museum post you will know I really love Natural History Museums, it is my guilt free zoo and I really like walking around and seeing what wonderful creatures inhabit or inhabited this planet.


As I have said previously, the buildings these fantastic collections house are utterly beautiful. This building has details which are so gorgeous and subtle I urge you to look up and on the arches because you will find some of the most stunning details. The main hall is just wonderful. Once again there is a dinosaur in the foyer with a lot of other wonderful finds dotted around the room.PhoebeGill141213101This building is huge and I am sure what is on display is just a fraction of what is actually kept in this building. There are lots of different routes you can take and it will take a good three hours if you are walking around to each room and taking in information.

PhoebeGill141213079-2There are so many amazing specimens! It is amazing walking around and looking at a mould of ancient dinosaurs, irish elk antlers, a pangolin, so many different types of marine, land, rock collections that are just fascinating!PhoebeGill141213081There were some things I noticed; there is a lot crammed into some rooms and very little in others. The rest of the specimens are in the hallways. It seems that the space that is used has been condensed in some areas which makes it very difficult to read signs or take in what is in the room. It is sometimes not the most clear if you have been down a corridor before or not. I will say you wont be stuck for a bite to eat or buying a trinket. There seems to be a restaurant crammed into a good few areas and multiple gift shops that I think are a little unnecessary.

PhoebeGill141213096I also feel I missed things, which is something that irks me greatly! I also want to see where the preparation rooms are and the collection rooms and stuff like that. I know obviously that is impossible because the collection would be ruined but still there are so many doors I want to go through!

This building and collection are fascinating, it must be hard with such an expansive collection to organise and to try to make money when admission is free but there are some things that I just found irritating.PhoebeGill141213098There is so much to see in the museum I really recommend going if you have some time or want to go. Off peak season on a hot summers day might give you an emptier museum and remember to wear a good pair of shoes. They have some great specimens, information and it is worth it.

Happy Travels!