Merry Christmas Beans!!

Hello my beans!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas or Holidays, wherever you are in the world. I hope you are all in very comfortable clothing, regretting the copious amount of treats you have ingested and planning new activities to help you redeem your choices.

I thought I would share some snaps with you and maybe some of the amazing things I got yesterday. I had such a great day, my family were all around, I got the most thoughtful, wonderful gifts, I got to see my family happy with their gifts (it’s always so tough to get them anything!) We got to eat amazing food cooked by my wonderful father, my grandparents (who have been through the ringer) were happy and chatty which is always so nice to see, my mother put on such a wonderful spread and kept everything running like always. We played our version of mastermind and pulled crackers and glitter got in the cranberry sauce. There were no squabbles or hiccups, it was perfect! And to finish off the night we all moshed to some Coldplay.

Christmas is something I try to make the most of and to be happy on, I remember a time where I wasn’t so happy and it honestly felt like the worst ache you have ever had, seeing everyone so happy and you so miserable and from that year onward I have decided to feel better and take control over how I feel, as hard as that can be. I hope you all had a wonderful time or days off and are excited for 2015!

Also who doesn’t love a load of glittery lights all over the place!

Happy Travels!


PhoebeGill141224052PhoebeGill141225089 PhoebeGill141226105 PhoebeGill141226108 PhoebeGill141226110 PhoebeGill141226111 PhoebeGill141226113 PhoebeGill141226114(I balled my eyes out when I got this amazing gift, it was truly a surprise and I am so grateful I have new kit) 

One last thing,

Today, the 26th of December, is an odd day for me, it is happy and sad, my grandfather passed away four years ago but today would have been his 87th birthday. I am so glad I got to spend Christmas eve and day with my family and I am still full of festive cheer but I can’t help but think of my grandmother alone and missing him. I also think of my father, who misses my granda a lot.

Make the most of the people in your life, be it family or friends you have made your family. Thank you for reading. P x

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