In Stellenbosch: Eagle Experience at Spier Winery

Stellenbosch is wine country, it is stunning landsĀ of grape vines for miles around. Wineries are scattered around providing tastings, restaurants, horse riding, animal experiences and shops. I visited Spier winery, not to taste wine, I am not interested in it at all but in order to go to the Eagle Encounters.

To Eat:

There is Eight and Eight to go, they are a restaurant and a deli shop respectively. In the shop they have delicious food and drink, you can arrange a picnic on the grounds of Spier, Eight provide all you need for this lovely outing. The setting is lovely, sitting outside in the shade of the trees. Even the way they design their grounds is really nice. It’s a great place to visit.IMG_9405PhoebeGill141024747

To Do:

The Eagle Encounters is all about rescue, rehabilitation, education and conservation. They take in animals that have been treated badly, abandoned, hurt or given to them. They have an amazing collection of animals they use to teach people about these magnificent creatures. You can opt to hold one of two birds a black eagle R50 or a Wahlberg eagle R25 . I got to hold the beautiful Wahlberg eagle. Birds of pray are stunning animals, they are often killed in my own country because they are a nuisance, this sanctuary wants to protect these magical birds.IMG_9176PhoebeGill141024765

There are many events during the day so the animals can get exercise and stretch their wings. It’s such a shame that these birds are tied up but the fact is people need education about how to look after animals properly.IMG_9175

There is also a wonderful creature named Sonic let out at 11:30am and 15:15pm for people to interact with. So go and see what he is.

I really recommend this winery. It is a beautiful area with really amazing things to experience.

Happy Travels!IMG_9173