In Hermanus: Whale Watching

Whale watching has been something I have wanted to experience for years and after this trip I want to do again and again. What is so magical about this location is parking up and looking out at the bay. The second I got out of the car I loved Hermanus, there was a female Southern Right Whale with her calf swimming in the water. The calf breaching and playing beside its mother, it was absolutely amazing and this was two hours before the trip was scheduled  to start.PhoebeGill141021049

We decided we’d have lunch an hour or so before the trip, make sure you take in to consideration that South Africa is very relaxed and your lunch may not go as fast as it does in Europe but that is what makes it nice.  You don’t want to get on a catamaran with a full stomach, could end up a very unpleasant journey. It can get quite choppy so do look at the weather before you book.PhoebeGill141021174

Southern Right Charters is located in New Harbour, Hermanus. There are three tours a day 9am, 12pm and 3pm. There is a member of staff that can speak english, dutch and german. All the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. A lovely employee told me where to stand and we had great informative chats. You also get a snack and a drink which I saved for later.PhoebeGill141021613

The captain parked away from the whales and thankfully they swam over to us. A female and calf ended up right next to the boat. They are amazing creatures, we also saw seals, penguins and dolphins.  Whale watching was as captivating as I thought it would be. The members of staff give you so much information so I encourage you to take a trip and learn for yourself how wonderful these creatures are.


  1. It can get choppy at sea, don’t eat directly before and don’t go crazy on the snacks provided. Look at the horizon and try to think about something else. Some people also say to stay on top of the boat, don’t sit inside, that can help too.
  2. The people who take this tour don’t care if you see a whale or not, don’t be rude but certainly don’t wait for another person to move out of the way for you. Get your pictures and video, the whales move so everyone should get a turn to view them.
  3. Ask questions, don’t be afraid, they really are lovely people!
  4. Bring a windbreaker and suncream, the sea air can be a little cold but the sun is strong as well, be prepared.
  5. Definitely get a memento from the shack shop, they have really cute magnets and t-shirts.

It is an amazing trip and I really recommend it!

Happy Travels!

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