In The Western Cape: Boulders Beach

This gorgeous spot in between Simons Town and Cape Point is used by humans and animals alike. This beautiful coastal spot is perfect for the African Penguin and is home to a large colony. This area is now a safe haven for these endangered animal. There is a boardwalk which brings you so close to the animals.PhoebeGill141019025 It only costs R55 (€4) to get in and it is so nice seeing this colony swim in the sea and communicate with each other. For a colony of penguins to be in Africa is so strange I think it is a must see if you are travelling around the Western Cape.PhoebeGill141019029

Just Some Notes:

  1. Although it says this area is sheltered, it may not be as sheltered as you think, if it is a windy day you will get sand whipping your skin. It is really unpleasant and it does get in your eyes. Bring a hat and sunglasses and wear long sleeves to try to prevent real pain.
  2. Do not under any circumstances do anything to the penguins, they are happy doing their thing.
  3. Penguins nest all along the boardwalk so remember to look to the left as you are going down to the entry barrier.

Happy Travels!PhoebeGill141019040

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