In Graskop: The Mountains

We took a day out of our 3 days in the area of Kruger to go to the mountains. Lots of driving, probably around 7 hours. The landscape just left of the Kruger park (nearest where I was staying) is just stunning! We visited God’s Window, Berlin Falls, Bourke’s Luck Potholes, The Three Rondavels and we went to Pilgrams Rest for lunch.PhoebeGill141013088

God’s Window:

A really pleasant lookout point and walk. There is a walk up to rainforest terrain. The lookout point is 1829m above sea level so the air does get thinner as you go up. Keep that in mind. The view out is beautiful, green and luscious. It can get quite cloudy and you wont know until you are up there.

Berlin Falls:

80m waterfall that drops into a beautiful valley that looks out over the beautiful mountains of the area.PhoebeGill141013100

Bourke’s Luck Potholes:

This stunning point in the Blyde River Canyon has the most amazing erosion. Such a beautiful area, really recommend this site. Note, do not throw coins into the canyon, there are fish in the water and it’s not fair on them so just don’t.PhoebeGill141013081

The Three Rondavels:

Such beautiful mountains, these naturally shaped peaks are named after the three wives of Chief Mapjaneng. The three peaks are called such because they look decidedly like rondavels, the westernised version of the African-style hut.PhoebeGill141013096

Pilgrims Rest:

Pilgrims Rest is a town that has been kept the same since the gold rush days. It is quaint and has all the old stores and buildings that echo the dutch style. I was not a fan of this stop as, as soon as you get out of the car you get people walking up to you with boxes of stuff to sell, asking you to buy something. Also let it be known that when you park your car, it is washed even if you do not ask for it, so I would make it known to the people sitting near by that you do not want it. It’s tough because this is how people make their money but it is quite the bombardment. Lunch was had in one of the buildings, the few that were open were buffet style which looked quite bad. We chose the menu and I had a toasty that took 45 minutes to make but it was edible after a morning of exploring.

This area is stunning! I really recommend you explore, it is so beautiful. The mountains always are.

Happy Travels!

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