2014 According To My Instagram.

No year is all good or all bad there are a multitude of different ups and downs that we all go through and I am a big believer in remembering the bad so you can learn from it. Travel blogs can come across as the perfect life and the ultimate highlight reel and I don’t want my blog to be that. So I hope you don’t think it too personal but lets look back at 2014. Continue reading “2014 According To My Instagram.”

In London: The Natural History Museum

If you have seen my Berlin Natural History Museum post you will know I really love Natural History Museums, it is my guilt free zoo and I really like walking around and seeing what wonderful creatures inhabit or inhabited this planet.


As I have said previously, the buildings these fantastic collections house are utterly beautiful. This building has details which are so gorgeous and subtle I urge you to look up and on the arches because you will find some of the most stunning details. The main hall is just wonderful. Once again there is a dinosaur in the foyer with a lot of other wonderful finds dotted around the room.PhoebeGill141213101This building is huge and I am sure what is on display is just a fraction of what is actually kept in this building. There are lots of different routes you can take and it will take a good three hours if you are walking around to each room and taking in information.

PhoebeGill141213079-2There are so many amazing specimens! It is amazing walking around and looking at a mould of ancient dinosaurs, irish elk antlers, a pangolin, so many different types of marine, land, rock collections that are just fascinating!PhoebeGill141213081There were some things I noticed; there is a lot crammed into some rooms and very little in others. The rest of the specimens are in the hallways. It seems that the space that is used has been condensed in some areas which makes it very difficult to read signs or take in what is in the room. It is sometimes not the most clear if you have been down a corridor before or not. I will say you wont be stuck for a bite to eat or buying a trinket. There seems to be a restaurant crammed into a good few areas and multiple gift shops that I think are a little unnecessary.

PhoebeGill141213096I also feel I missed things, which is something that irks me greatly! I also want to see where the preparation rooms are and the collection rooms and stuff like that. I know obviously that is impossible because the collection would be ruined but still there are so many doors I want to go through!

This building and collection are fascinating, it must be hard with such an expansive collection to organise and to try to make money when admission is free but there are some things that I just found irritating.PhoebeGill141213098There is so much to see in the museum I really recommend going if you have some time or want to go. Off peak season on a hot summers day might give you an emptier museum and remember to wear a good pair of shoes. They have some great specimens, information and it is worth it.

Happy Travels!

In London: Where To Eat

Ah London, one of my most favourite places to visit and eat everything I can find. This city has some of the nicest places to eat, ranging in prices, you are sure to find something delicious in every part of the city.


The Wolseley is a gorgeous restaurant located in Piccadilly. Once a car show room this large dining area is beautifully decorated with marble floors, pillars and arch ways. They do breakfast, afternoon tea, lunch and dinner so there are many different culinary experiences you can have. I have had both breakfast and dinner at the Wolseley and they were both delicious! The prices are going to be more than your average cafe or restaurant but this place is where you go if you want to spoil yourself with a bit of luxury (and possibly the odd bit of celeb spotting) I highly recommend this restaurant and as Donna would say; Treat yoself.

Whole Foods Market is one of my favourite places to go for an on the go meal, they have hot meals, sushi, cold deli bits and pieces. It’s a great place if you like your organic, fresh and “good for you” foods. There is a large range of breads, snacks, ingredients, wines, beauty products. This shop has all, lots of delicious things. My favourite bits to get there are the vegetable tempura sushi, clif bars and the vegan cupcakes are good too!PhoebeGill141213036China Town: 

The only place where I can get the best authentic Chinese dim sum and food is Golden Dragon. This restaurant is amazing, has delicious food, fast efficient service. If you like your sweat and sour or your 3 in 1’s there is no point in going. There are buffets that are scattered around that have bits and pieces that you will enjoy. If you like your jasmine tea and adore bamboo steamers with all the glorious food inside then this place is for you! I adore it, unconditionally. Be warned, this is a busy place, you will most likely have to wait but it is worth it.


Princi on Wardour Street is amazing. There are multiple in Milano but this gem thankfully was set up in London. If you like italian food then this fast paced restaurant is perfect! Their bakery is incredible, their pizza is delicious, their other grilled and cooked bits of food are wonderful. Vegetarians and meat eaters alike with love this place. It will be busy but that is testament to how great it is.PhoebeGill141213052There is also one more place that I have not eaten in but I will and it will be next year I blog about it but it is The Breakfast Club, there are a few scattered around London but this would be my “local” It sounds like they do really great food and I really want to try it!

The rest of the time I go to Tesco or Sainsbury’s and get a sandwich and eat it in my hotel room because most of the time I am walking around forgetting to eat.

I don’t have any more pictures of these delicious eats. I am sad.

Happy Travels!

Merry Christmas Beans!!

Hello my beans!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas or Holidays, wherever you are in the world. I hope you are all in very comfortable clothing, regretting the copious amount of treats you have ingested and planning new activities to help you redeem your choices.

I thought I would share some snaps with you and maybe some of the amazing things I got yesterday. I had such a great day, my family were all around, I got the most thoughtful, wonderful gifts, I got to see my family happy with their gifts (it’s always so tough to get them anything!) We got to eat amazing food cooked by my wonderful father, my grandparents (who have been through the ringer) were happy and chatty which is always so nice to see, my mother put on such a wonderful spread and kept everything running like always. We played our version of mastermind and pulled crackers and glitter got in the cranberry sauce. There were no squabbles or hiccups, it was perfect! And to finish off the night we all moshed to some Coldplay.

Christmas is something I try to make the most of and to be happy on, I remember a time where I wasn’t so happy and it honestly felt like the worst ache you have ever had, seeing everyone so happy and you so miserable and from that year onward I have decided to feel better and take control over how I feel, as hard as that can be. I hope you all had a wonderful time or days off and are excited for 2015!

Also who doesn’t love a load of glittery lights all over the place!

Happy Travels!


PhoebeGill141224052PhoebeGill141225089 PhoebeGill141226105 PhoebeGill141226108 PhoebeGill141226110 PhoebeGill141226111 PhoebeGill141226113 PhoebeGill141226114(I balled my eyes out when I got this amazing gift, it was truly a surprise and I am so grateful I have new kit) 

One last thing,

Today, the 26th of December, is an odd day for me, it is happy and sad, my grandfather passed away four years ago but today would have been his 87th birthday. I am so glad I got to spend Christmas eve and day with my family and I am still full of festive cheer but I can’t help but think of my grandmother alone and missing him. I also think of my father, who misses my granda a lot.

Make the most of the people in your life, be it family or friends you have made your family. Thank you for reading. P x

In London: Eating at Paul

Oh Paul, what can I say other than you have to go here. Forget starbucks, it is crap! Nothing is fresh or well made and it is way too overpriced for it to be worth it. Paul is a bakery and patisserie, if the smell of fresh baked goods doesn’t get you in the door you must have a cold!PhoebeGill141213058Everything on the menu looks amazing, their pastry is delicious and their coffee is excellent, doesn’t taste bitter or over filtered, they have actual proper baristas. I definitely recommend here for breakfast you can eat in or take away so if you wanted you could  to go to St. James Park and have a stroll. Paul also opens early, 7am on Monday – Saturdays and 8am on Sundays, so perfect for people who like to get up and go.PhoebeGill141213078

They are all over the city so you are sure to find one close to your hotel or work place. Definitely go find one and have a coffee and a delicious pain au chocolat.

Happy Travels!

In London: At Christmas

Some of my favourite things to do at christmas time is to see the christmas decorations in London. Me and my family go to London just before christmas to shop and to eat and to get all of our christmas treats, more on this later.

The Streets:

I love the way London decorates it’s streets, they are usually different for each of the big shopping areas in central London.

The main areas I love are Eros in Piccadilly, they usually dress up the statue to look all festive, my favourite was last years Eros snow globe with billowing snow inside. It was so magical!

Oxford street is such a long shopping street and they always decorate the whole way down be mindful this street gets crazy busy during this time! Maybe do all your shopping on a weekday when it is a little quieter as weekends in London are extremely crowded!

Bond Street is a very affluent street of London, with high end jewellery and clothing brands, you are very likely to see expensive cars and beautiful window displays. The street is always decorated with sparkles and I love walking around this street, it’s often quieter than Regent and Oxford street so it’s a nice detour.

Carnaby Street is one of my favourite spots, with lots of adjoining roads it’s nice to wander up side streets and see what shops and cafes are waiting for you to experience. Last years were my favourite, there were robins decorating the street, the most wonderful winter garden bird.

Covent Garden is a great place to feel christmassy. This is where you can find the huge christmas tree and inventive decorations, this is a great area to shop and have a bite to eat and get into the festive spirit.

These are just some of my favourites but to be honest this year felt more like a good way to advertise than to just look pretty. I have preferred previous years but it is always nice to look at.

Shop Windows: 

Some the window displays during christmas are some of my favourites to go and look at. Fortnum and Mason, this lovely food shop has had some beautiful window creations, one year they had a swan lake window with moving figures and snow. Selfridges also has a great fashion based christmas display. Liberty is a beautiful shop with enticing windows with their products. Harrods has a wonderful festive inside and out and is always done up beautifully.

Christmas in London is always pretty magical, there is a buzz in the city and although there are people everywhere, it’s a lovely place to go with friends or family and get into the christmas spirit.

Merry Christmas and Happy Travels!

These next few images are from this yearPhoebeGill141213027


The christmas tree in Covent GardenPhoebeGill141213017PhoebeGill141213040

This image is from 2013PhoebeGill131213559
My favourite decorations because of the robin!