In (and around) Johannesburg: The Cradle of Humankind

The Cradle of Humankind is a world heritage site 50km outside Johannesburg. About an hour from Sandton, Johannesburg.  The area is renowned as the epicentre of discovery of the human origins.PhoebeGill141011004

I visited the two sites in the area the Sterkfontain caves and Maropeng visitors centre. I went to the caves first, you can get a combination ticket that allows you into both sites. An adult combination ticket costs R215 (€15.50)


There is a beautiful vista around the information centre/ticket office. There is so much information in the centre, it it clear, interesting and easy to understand.

The caves themselves are a wonderful experience. It’s a perfect 18 degrees, the tour guide was really knowledgeable and friendly. He pointed out the discoveries, different features you can find in caves and interesting facts.PhoebeGill141011007-2

Note: There are a few narrow passage ways that mean you have to crouch or crawl but there are only a handful and you do not have to crouch for very long (If you have been inside a pyramid, it’s a piece of cake)

I really recommend the caves, it’s really interesting and it’s always so much fun to delve into a space that represents thousands of years of discovery.PhoebeGill141011014-2


The visitors centre is a really interactive and fun. There is lots of buttons and moving exhibits to engage small kids and there is lots of really interesting information along the walls and in video form.PhoebeGill141011021

There is also a little boat ride that go through the elements of the earth. It is a lot of fun, I still think that there is going to be someone who jumps out at me but don’t worry no one will!PhoebeGill141011024-2

There is also one of my favourite illusions, the vortex tunnel! It is so much fun and it messes with your mind!

I think this is a great day out, the scenery is beautiful, the information is fascinating and it’s such a cool experience. Definitely recommend it.

Happy Travels!

PhoebeGill141011023(I found this amazing bug on the ground outside of the centre, it’s so cool)