In Cork: Bere Island

Bere Island is small, quiet and very pretty. To get there you take a ferry boat, from Pontoon which is located in between Glengarriff and Castletownbere. All the times and prices are available here. I had never gone on a ferry boat and it was unknown to me that you have to reverse your car onto the boat. Which at low tide is quite a scary thing to do! I stayed in the Lawrence Cove Lodge, a clean friendly environment, which is right beside where the ferry terminates in Rerrin Village.


There are lots of animals on the island, dogs, cats, horses, cows. They are usually wandering all around and are very friendly. I think animals make a place so this was a really great addition for me.IMG_8203 IMG_8211

The island is a used as a military base so if the soldiers are visiting a bit of the beach is off limits but I got the chance to go to this little cove of beauty. It is calm with clear water and is a fantastic spot for a picnic or a swim.


What I found difficult is the eating options, there are very few places I found. Mostly a nice toasted sandwich and chips are on the menu. There is a small shop with all the necessaries but nothing too exotic.

There are lots of walks you can do, it’s quiet enough you can walk on the road and generally end up somewhere picturesque.

I think it is a great location to get away and to relax. Lots of walking can be done so you don’t need a car but if you aren’t into too much walking than a car will be fine on tiny island roads.

It’s a charming place with very nice people and stunning surroundings. Perfect for a break away.

Happy Travels!