In Sterling: Sterling Castle

Sterling Castle is a great way to get the history of Sterling, I recommend you definitely take the free guided tour that starts every hour from 10 am, which we were just in time for! We had the tour guide Frank a lovely man who has the thickest accent I have ever heard! Its a great tour and a really informative way to learn about sterling and the castle.


The view from here is incredible you can see the whole of Sterling and it’s so beautiful and green!


Statue of Robert the Bruce.


The castle rooms are covered in unicorns! Which I love because it’s so majestic and mystical!


Sorry for the lack of building shots, wasn’t thinking about this being a blog post. But they are gorgeous both on the inside and out. All of the rooms are decorated in tapestries, gold detail and of course unicorns! I really urge you to go here it’s really beautiful!

Happy Travels!